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Structures Project- Building a Bridge

Un proyecto para Tecnología CLIL basado en la construcción de un puente con forma de arco y sus posterior automatización. El documento que lo describe:

2012-06-02_2nd3rdESO_Structures Project

Los documentos necesarios para llevarlo a cabo:

6 Project. River bridge models

6 Project. Key Sheet

6 Project. Investigating bridge profiles Group Instructions

6 Project. Daily Report

6 Project. Bridge Decks models

6 Project. Bridge Building Group Instructions

Algunas fotos de los proyectos de mis alumnos:

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Proyecto Estante por Herón Prince y José Miguel

Proyecto Estante:
Esta semana hemos estado trabajando en un nuevo proyecto que vamos a realizar este trimestre, se trata de un estante para prepararnos para el siguiente proyecto, un armario mural.

vista en perspectiva (canonica)

madera fondo madera base madera lateralfinal + tirafondos

Proyecto Estante, por Roberto y Leo

Este primer mes los alumn@s de 1ºBachillerato vamos a realizar un estante, aquí tenemos los planos del proyecto en Google SketchUp que han realizado durante una semana, el cual incluye:
-Las maderas con sus componentes (tirafondos y tubillones)
-Las maderas con sus correspondientes medidas
-El conjunto completo

Powerpoint con capturas de pantallas

Trabajando con GIMP

Estos son algunos de los trabajos que han desarrollado los alumnos de 4º con GIMP. Es destacable que han sido desarrollados casi totalmente de forma autónoma con el apoyo de distintos tutoriales y en un breve espacio de tiempo.

Almost finishing!! By Michael

In this last week we put the sponsors, we did the antennas and we were looking some fails in the  project for fix them. We took two news batteries.

The case with the news sponsors is like that:

007005 004  001

Once we finish the project, we will maybe paint the case better.

This week. By Roberto

This week we “finish” the project 036Cucabot, we have only to change the antennas to other antennas to finish.

This week Arianna painted the case in grey with shark style with the help of Cindy.031

Alejandro and me, we put the antennas with screws, checked the electrical circuit to solve a problem, we put tape on the connections and solved the problem.017

Then we put the cucabot on the floor and the cucabot run, but we have one problem because the antennas are very small.

The next day we are going to solve the problem with the antennas and put the case.

My group has done a very good work.

The project progress. By Jonás

Hi, I’m Jonás again and this is my last post of the trimester. We worked hard and fast what has led us to an error on the circuit CockroachBot, everything went very well during these weeks of work in the workshop, we worked with Cindy and my bandmates Vania and Hero.


Now I’ve finally finished my part, that was making the project case, Mickey Mouse shaped and very well painted. I embedded ears making a trench in the case so that the ears will be easily placed .

We also had to make new wheels because the ones that we’ve made had a too big hole for the motor shafts. So, in a couple of classes I am sure that we will finish the project.

Car CockroachBot. By iVáN

imagesCA4PKT7EFinally, our car is almost finished, we painted everything in white, we put hoods, spoilers, mirrors. We have also put the windows and glasses, and now we are putting a bumper.

After painting the bumper we will attach stickers caught on internet. It looks like a real car. Then we will write our names in the windows as if we were the pilots. This is handsome!

My CockroachBot… by Alejandro

This week all the groups were working in their projects, we will finish them in few weeks.

My group was working in the case and the structure of the project: 

Tiburon 01

Ariadna started to decorate the case. She painted the upper part with grey colour.

Tiburon 02

We want to do a shark shaped case and Ariadna has become an expert in this since she has worked on it in the previous weeks.

Roberto put the wheels in right and left part of the project and he helped me with the platform, too. 

Me, I recorded some minutes of the last class with the video camera and I put four screws in the crashing cucabot to hold it with the platform. 

Rueda loca

Roberto and I held better the idler wheel in the end part of the platform. We put a piece of cork to lower it. 

Also this week, Celso, our teacher, taught us how to use Prezi. It is an online app very easy to use where everybody can do very amusing presentations for works, journeys and others.

This week by Roberto

This week we didn´t advanced much because we haven´t got class Tuesday and Thursday.

On Wednesday we pasted leather to the engine; I burned the leather to prepare it and then we pasted it to the engine with silicone.

Then we put the wheels and we checked if the cucabot walked. The next day we are going014 to check if the cucabot runs.

Alejandro cut the balloon in two and checked which part is better to use it for the case. The next day 012we going to paint the case in shark grey and put on a fin.

To finish we only  need to attack the case and put the antennas, because we have had problems with that.

I think  in two weeks we  will finish the project.