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Cocinando en La Herradura

Nuestros alumnos de 3ºESO han preparado Parathas, unos panecillos típicos de la India. En el siguiente vídeo te enseñan a cocinarlos:

Cooking in La Herradura

Our students of 4 ESO have prepared Parathas, a typical indian bread. They show you how to cook them in the following video:

The Crashing CockroachBot last steps. By Ariadna

In my group, Alejandro and Roberto are now working ont the cables and checking the CockroachBot operation.

And me, I am doing the fins of the shark for the case.

The Crashing CockroachBot. By Vania

In my group, formed by Herón, Jonás and me, we are doing it well and little things rest. We have almost done everything except the antennas and the wheels, because we are changing them since the others were not working as we wanted.

Besides the Crashing CockroachBot Project, we are now working in a second project which consists in organizing a virtual trip to three cities in the world, so we have to look for the hotels, the transport, places to visit in every site … and also to prepare the budget for the full trip with all the expenses. We can do this project alone or in pairs, and we will finish by preparing a Prezi to present it.


Second Video of the CockroachBot Project

This is the second video, we can see the progress we have made since the holidays, the different parts of the project: the platform, the circuits and the case.

Playing with CockroachBots. By iVaN

I´ve been watching videos of cockroachbots in youtube and I like this video:

My team and I plan to make a car and I found another video in which there is a car:


The CockroachBot project! By Herón.

This robot consists of two “antennae” that act as tactile collision sensors .  So when it is running and collides with an obstacle on the one hand, the robot rotates to avoid the obstacle and moves on. It is extremely simple and very few components are used which makes it especially interesting as project initiation.

Here is a video short but enough to see one of the functions (Crashing cucabot)

In this other video we can see another example with a different case  🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

False Takings. By Kenia

Here you have other video , the “false takings” or bloopers of the first video. Made by Alejandro Martel and me. It cost too much to do it so we hope you like:

First video of the CockroachBot Project. By Jonás

In this video, we can see the differents parts of the CockroachBot: the platform, the case and the circuits.


Fighter CockroachBots. By Adrián

There are lots of cockroachbot types, one of them are the fighter cockroachbots. They are more complicated to do, in this photos you can see some fighter robots:

fighter-cockroachbot1 fighter-cockroachbot-2

And in this video you can see them in action: