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Proyecto Estante por Herón Prince y José Miguel

Proyecto Estante:
Esta semana hemos estado trabajando en un nuevo proyecto que vamos a realizar este trimestre, se trata de un estante para prepararnos para el siguiente proyecto, un armario mural.

vista en perspectiva (canonica)

madera fondo madera base madera lateralfinal + tirafondos

Fresh news by Herón

We only need to finish the Cucabot antennas, so it stops and turns when finding fences jajaja.

In fact, I gather that in 2 sessions we will finish, I’ll try to find something in the street to be used as a better material for the antennas.

I will keep you informed 🙂

The CockroachBot project! By Herón.

This robot consists of two “antennae” that act as tactile collision sensors .  So when it is running and collides with an obstacle on the one hand, the robot rotates to avoid the obstacle and moves on. It is extremely simple and very few components are used which makes it especially interesting as project initiation.

Here is a video short but enough to see one of the functions (Crashing cucabot)

In this other video we can see another example with a different case  🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Hi! By Herón


Sorry for not being able to have uploaded the video a week before, was busy 🙂

Well … my group is formed by Jonás and Vania working in the project  with me.

Jonas and Vania are doing the part of the shell; me I’m doing the electronics and others … In short a great project and very entertaining.

Ah, and we recorded the SuperVideo jajaja 🙂 :). Well, I’ll keep you informed.