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Proyecto Estante por Herón Prince y José Miguel

Proyecto Estante:
Esta semana hemos estado trabajando en un nuevo proyecto que vamos a realizar este trimestre, se trata de un estante para prepararnos para el siguiente proyecto, un armario mural.

vista en perspectiva (canonica)

madera fondo madera base madera lateralfinal + tirafondos

My february post, by José Miguel

These weeks we have advanced very much in the project. It is already almost finished.

We still have small changes to do so we will end it soon. I hope I will get a good mark and my friends too.

Very good work to all my colleagues:)

My group’s evolution. By Jose Miguel

My name is Jose Miguel and this post explains everything that has made my group during these weeks. My group consists of: jorge, kenia and me.



Jorge’s parts is the platform where the circuit will be located, Jorge hasalready put the two engines, the idler, and has made the adjustments to the engines and done the hole for the cables.


Kenia is in charge of the case for the top of the cucabot, she also has advanced greatly with the case!

My part is the crashing cucabot so I got to mount the electric circuit, I’ve come a long way with the circuit…


I hope my group will continue working well and we will finish the project soon, “I’m dying to try the cucabot”


Pd: Roberto thanks for your help.