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Structures Project- Building a Bridge

Un proyecto para Tecnología CLIL basado en la construcción de un puente con forma de arco y sus posterior automatización. El documento que lo describe:

2012-06-02_2nd3rdESO_Structures Project

Los documentos necesarios para llevarlo a cabo:

6 Project. River bridge models

6 Project. Key Sheet

6 Project. Investigating bridge profiles Group Instructions

6 Project. Daily Report

6 Project. Bridge Decks models

6 Project. Bridge Building Group Instructions

Algunas fotos de los proyectos de mis alumnos:

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CockroachBot Project starts!!!

Our students of 4th ESO are starting their own Cockroachbots (Cucabot Robots).

In the following weeks you will be able to follow their evolution with the project in this blog.

They are also building a wikispace with all information related to this wonderful simple robots.

We’ve used this Project Board to organise when to publish on the Blog and how to organise the wiki construction.

We are waiting for your comments and suggestions!