Learning through video channels.

It is impressive the amount of things you can find surfing the net, some of them are good and others not so much, but, luckily, there is always somebody who does the selection for you and that helps wasting one’s time trying to find quality learning material.
And that is the case of today’s post, the guys from http://wwwhatsnew.com/ have just made an amazing discovery that I know will be very useful. In their last post on their website, they lead us to two video channels for English learners with tons of lessons for all levels about a wide of grammar points.
The first is Teacher Phil’s Videos, a YouTube channel of an American institution that offers free lessons on varous topics. http://www.youtube.com/user/TeacherPhilEnglish?feature=watch
The last one is engVid (http://www.engvid.com/), they offer free video lessons by native speaker teachers three times a week. They also run a facebook page and a twitter account.
And now is your turn to find the right stuff for you. Don’t forget to leave feedback, the rest of us here will thank you for that.
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