>Another surprise on Britain’s Got Talent

> This third season of Britain’s Got Talent is being highly productive. Last week we had a Scottish unemployed housewife with an outstanding voice. Her success was such that celebrities from all over the world -Demi Moore, among them- felt really touched by her performance and spoke up for her. If you have not managed to watch it, here is the link.

However, the second week has brought another surprising performer. He is really young and what an extraordinary voice! I will not give any more details by now, but get ready for an amazing surprise. I only want you to send a reply with the reactions to the video and the titles of the songs this little mister wonder sings. If you find the lyrics on the Internet you can also include the link. Let’s get amazed!!!

>Fame Star

>Hello everyone! I hope you are enjoying the stuff I’ve been posting here. Today, I would like you to become celebrities yourselves. You may be wondering how you are going to do it if you do not sing, act or have any special abilities, apart from driving your English teacher mad, no bitterness, and the answer is my famestar. It is a website where you can create your a celeb personality of your own and they do the rest. It is real fun! Below, you will find an example I have made up myself. I wwould like you to do one and send it to me so we can show it in the classroom and practise the autobiography. Hope to hear your stories soon.

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>London views

>Now that Carnivals have taken over the attention of the public. It may be a good idea to run away from the frenzy of so much flesh and alcohol and enjoy the views of the capital of Britain. Maybe it will give you ideas for a possible get away in the near future. Why don’t you try and make your imaginary trip around the always exciting London. You can post and share your arrangements with the rest of the readers. Nice trip!!

>Freaky advert

>Hey there! In recent days a new advertisement capaing has been luanched by one of the world’s biggest chocolatieres. At first it is a bit scary, but after a few seconds you get drawn into it quite easily. What do you think of it? Looking forward to your responses.

>Emotional Robot

>Here is the video of the MDS Robot called “Nexi”. This is an attemp of building a machine which can show expressions among other skills. Can you please leave a comment stating what the acronym MDS stands for and give some examples of the abilities of this amazing piece of technology?


Hi in less than 24 hours! I was surfing the net on the hunt for resources to offer you and came across this powerpoint slideshow about a book called Twilight. I have not read the book but it has a few pages with the description of the characters in it and many other details you may find interesting and, why not, helpful. Let me know what you think. Cya!