>Listening stuff to tune up your ears

>Hi everyone! Sorry I haven’t posted anythig for quite a while but as you know I got married and just got back from my honeymoon. Anyway, the reason of this post is to draw your attention to the widget on the left because I have been selecting on my google reader some interesting audio stuff so you can open up your ears. Most of them are just raw material, that is to say, no exercises just plain tracks about all sort of topics. I hope they might help you with ones of your most heatred skill practices. If there is any you particulary like or think it is interesting don’t hesitate, be generous and post a comment so as to help the rest of the visitors. Let’s keep the community growing bigger. Best regards.

>Future Plans

>This is a post for students from basic 2. This past days we have been tackling future arrangements and I can tell that you find it pretty difficult, but we still have time to pick it up. Here you have some listening and other stuff to help you. Hope you find it helpful.

clipped from www.bbc.co.uk
The Flatmates
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And here you have a quiz about the use of the future for arrangements

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If you still feel like you want more, below I have posted some exercises which may also be helpful.

>Hotel Dialogue

>Hello dear Basic2 students! We have worked in class situations dealing with hotels and travelling. That is the reason why I am posting this entry. Here you have a link to a recorded dialogue where someone is booking a room, you can read at the same time the transcript but I would advise you to listen first and get as much information as you can, you will see it is not so difficult. Enjoy!

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