>Language Studying Problems? Here’s a solution.


    Hi again! Browsing the net on the search for new resources for you, I came across with this simple, easy and effective site where you can find lots of useful tips on how to study and improve your language learning. For some, it may be extremely basic but I bet you all will find some nice tips to help with those dark areas of your grammar or spelling, for example. Pay a visit to the place and let your skills grow like foam! Ooops, I nearly forgot, the name of the site is “How-to-study.com” 😉 (If you click on the pic it will take you straight there)

>Pronunciar Ingles: An interesting blog to help with pronunciation


Hello everyone! Hope you have had a nice start of the year. I bet in the resolutions for 2010 there is a place for your English learning. Know you well, don’t I? Well, I would like to introduce you to “Pronunciar Inglés”, a blog set by Iciar, a Spanish girl living in London who has decided to put an end to her problems with pronunciation and, therefore, helping others to do so. Aware of the difficulties Spanish speakers have with the sounds of English, she decided to devote her time to showing us how to improve our Achilles’ heel. “Pronunciar Inglés” is in Spanish and there you will find very useful tips, exercises and even videos leading to a better understanding of how the sounds of both languages work and help those with pronunciation problems and bad habits.

>Something to never miss out when writing: Punctuation.

Hi everyone! I hope you are still enjoying the amazing videos offered by The Teacher. Today I would like to tackle a very worrying issue dealing with your writing: Punctuation. I know it is a long time most of you left school and you are so much used to chatting, where commas, full-stops and all those little annoying bits and bobs are “of no use”, but we must all realize that those writing marks are very important if we want to be understood. Punctuation marks are as important as words themselves and their proper use may be crucial for a successful writing. To get a whole range of useful tips about punctuation just go to this site “How to use English Punctuation“. They also provide lots of how-tos on different matters, check it out!!

>Remembering vocabulary

>Hi again! On the Sixthings blog a set of six tips to remember de new vocabulary has been posted. Click the link below to read more about it. Pay special attention to the link about mindmapping. It is a great tool to organize all the vocabulary related to one topic, word or idea. Maybe the first time will not be easy but with some time and practise you will manage to handle it with great accuracy. As for the rest of the tips, you already have seen them in class but it is encouraging to know that other people use them as well.

Six ways of remembering words

And here is an example made by myself to prove my point. It took some time, but it was a great experience. I bet you will get tired of me using it now. Click on the image to enlarge it and have a better view.