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My name is Manolo Alamán and I am the English teacher for the 5th and the 6th grade at CEIP Punta Larga in Candelaria (Tenerife-Canary Islands).

We use an IWB in our classes and all the students have got a PC which we use once a week to review, reinforce, learn new things, solve doubts, search for information… Besides, we used the Oxford University Press book BIG SURPRISE!. That is the reason of this blog: To join the book and the net to have it all together and improve our students competence and their motivation. We use them in class and the students, and their families can use them at home.

I hope we can get it!

This are the students 2016-17:

This are the students 2015-16:

This are the students 2014-15:

These are the the students 2013-14:

And these are the students 2012-13:

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  1. jose dijo:

    Una página excelente.- soy un padre de Zaragoza, mi hijo utiliza este año Big Surprise 3, el colegio ha pedido las contraseñas pero a estas alturas aún no las tenemos. ¿no habrá sido Vº capaz de consegurilas?, si ha sido afirmativo, ¿podrá compartirlas con los padres del colegio de Santa Ana de calatayud (Z).-

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