Unit 2 “Fame and fortune”


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Si no puedes registrarte en Big Surprise...
Si no puedes registrarte en Big Surprise…


We are going to learn:

  • Vocabulary: Accessories: a watch, a belt, a ring,
    a wristband, a rucksack, headphones, boots, earrings, a
    hairband, a chain.
  • Vocabulary: Frequency Adverbs: never, sometimes, often, always.

And we are going to practice these structures:

  • I’m (not) wearing …,
  • Are you wearing …? Yes, I am / No, I’m not.
    He’s / She’s wearing … He / She isn’t wearing …
  • Have you got …? Yes I have / No, I haven’t.

Aprende y repasa: adverbs-frequency

Para repasar, hacer actividades…:

Elige el tema: VOCABULARY (Clothes/Acessories) or GRAMMAR (Adverbs). Luego el nivel (ELEMENTARY) y presta atención a las instrucciones.
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