Record an audio

We are going to record ourselves.

We will need a microphone and will use this link:

  1. Go to the link provided and record your audio
  2. Download your audio
  3. Upload your audio to EVAGD : ‘Record and audio’


1 ESO ( To be upload on 1 ESO Technology ‘record an audio’)

The text we will record will be these 3 phrases:

Time to tidy up: clean your work area and return the equipment to its place.

When using a cutter or a saw: with a firm grip and your fingers away.

Do not engage in prank or jokes.

1 ESO P.E. (Go to PE Course in EVAGD to upload, ‘record an audio’)

We always have to warm before we start any kind of physical activity.

Warming up prepares the body for the effort the person is going to do.

Always start with a continuous slow race.Do not get tired

2 ESO (To be upload on 2 ESO Technology ‘record an audio’)

A sketch is a inicial drawing that reflects the main concept. It is made freehand, that is to say no drawing tools need to be used.

A technical drawing displays all the information and it is done with the help of ruler,a pair of compasses or a computer design program

We often desing objects that are bigger or smaller than the paper we draw on. We need to reduce or enlarge the drawing.




Fabricación de tablas de madera:

How Its Made – Construction Wood  Cómo se crea la madera para construcción

The text summarises the main phases to create construction wood with logs

El texto resume las fases principales para crear madera de construcción con troncos.

  • First they soak the logs for about 20 minutes Primero mojar los troncos unos 20 minutos This removes the mud and softens the bark Esto elimina el lodo y suaviza la corteza.


  • Next the logs go through the debarker a machine that shaves off the bark Luego pasan por una máquina para eliminar la corteza de los troncos


  • The logs are run through a saw to be cut in as many pieces are possible Los troncos se pasan por una sierra para cortarlos en la mayor cantidad de piezas posible


  • They are machines that smooth the edges and cut any defects Hay máquinas que suavizan los bordes y cortan cualquier defecto.


  • An automated sorter drop the wood into bins according to their sizes
    Un clasificador automático deja caer la madera en contenedores de acuerdo con sus tamaños


  • The wood is stacked with a stacking machine La madera se apila con una máquina apiladora.


  • Finally the wood enters a kiln and lost humidity excess. Finalmente, la madera entra en un horno y pierde el exceso de humedad.


Wood    Madera

Cutting/ Pruning  Corte/Poda

Log       Tronco

Saw/Sawmill     Sierra/aserradero

Bark  Corteza

Plank Tablón

Board Tablero

Plywood Contrachapado

Fabricación de tableros contrachapados

Plywood (contrachapado)

  • The logs are floated to the factory -by the river-  Se llevan los troncos flotando a la fábrica


  • The bark is removed Se elimina la corteza


  • The log is rotated Se rota el tronco


  • A knife held against the length of the log unpeels it into a single sheet of veneer Una cuchilla sostenida contra la longitud del tronco lo desenrolla en una sola hoja de chapa


  • The veneer is cut in different sizes by the guillotine operator La chapa es cortada el  en diferentes tamaños por el operador de guillotina 


  • They are loaded in a dryer to remove the excess of moisture Se cargan en una secadora para eliminar el exceso de humedad


  • The glued veneers are layered, the grain of each layer running in an alternate direction. Las chapas se apilan y encolan, con las fibras alineadas de forma alternada 
  • Heat and pressure is applied Se aplica calor y presión.


Veneer Chapa

Dryer Secadora

Resumen del proceso



Actividades madera 


Hora del Código 2019

Este año hemos vuelto a participar en la hora del código desde el Dpto de Tecnología con los 1º ESO, tal y como comenzamos el pasado curso y con la misma dinámica.




Electric Circuits : Quizlet

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