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This site allows to record and share oral messages and also allows to transform written messages into oral ones thanks to its TTS technology. Ideal to share conclussions in websites or social networks among students from different topics. It can also be used as to listen to another register when using the TTS technology. Easy to manage and no registration needed which is crucial in oreder to be used. Just record or write your message, proceed and send it to your email account where you are going to receive a link that you cab then paste where you want. have a look at the TTS technology.

Etapa/Cursos: 4º Primaria, 5º Primaria, 6º Primaria
Áreas/materias: # Todas las áreas, II – Primaria, PLW. Primera Lengua Extranjera (inglés), PLW.2. El alumnado como aprendiente autónomo, PLW.4. El alumnado como sujeto emocional y creativo
Otros contenidos: 01. Lenguas Extranjeras
Autor: oddcast
Licencia de uso: Software propietario


Etiquetado cómo: messages, sharing


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