History Quiz For Kids

App History Quiz For Kids

Do you know your ancient from your modern?Your Romans form your Greeks?Your Great War from your Cold War?Test your knowledge of history across 100+ fun, historical, challenging and trivial questions.

Viking History For Kids

App Viking History For Kids

“Viking For Kids” is a wide-reaching and well documented history app to learn everything about the Viking Age.Aimed at kids, the application contains audio narrations, animations, games, interactive activities, facts, maps, charts, a timeline and more..

World War One For Kids

App World War One For Kids

“WW1 For Kids” is a child-friendly, educational and interactive experience to learn about the Great War. Learn about the origin of the conflict, life in the trenches, the major battles, new weapons, air and naval warfare and the roles animals played in the war.

History For Kids

App History For Kids

World History For Kids, A fun and fact-packed application that will take you through the story of mankind like never before! Suitable for 7/14 years old students.Each historical section begins with an audio narrative summarizing the events and includes animations, interactive clues, facts, maps, charts and audio clips.An interactive timeline allows the child to travel back and forward in time. Historical periods are organized thematically and chronologically from the ancient world through the 20th century.