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This site is a wall where teachers or students can upload any image or link and organize it as they want using their own creativity. The example shown deals with animals but shown from geometry so students can analyze the different shapes used to create each animal. This is only an example of the many different uses we can give to this digital resource.


Herramienta de autor voicethread

Voicethread is a tool we can use in many different fields but for CLIL it is ideal since we can expand our practice home and it is a great element to arise curiosity and foster research in our students. One of the most interesting aspects is how collaborative this tool can be since once a presentation like this is done (as in the example) it can be given comments (oral or written) promoting interaction among students, families and teachers. In the example shown it is decribed an animal (the platipus) and then students can give their opinions at any time and share it with the family or other classmates.