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Guía docente y cuaderno del alumnado para emprender un viaje en el centro de visitantes «Telesforo Bravo»

Documento de texto Guía docente y cuaderno del alumnado para emprender un viaje en el centro de visitantes

Guía docente y cuaderno del alumnado para hacer un inolvidable viaje de ascensión al Teide desde el mar hasta la cumbre. La actividad está diseñada para hacer un recorrido por el centro de visitantes «Telesforo Bravo».

En el recurso realizado por el docente del CEIP Ramón y Cajal de La Orotava, José Antonio Calvo Paredes y que consiste en una Guía docente y un cuaderno del alumnado se propone a todos los centros educativos la visita al Centro de visitantes “Telesforo Bravo” en La Orotava mediante una visita pedagógica.

El centro de visitantes se encuentra ubicado en la Urbanización El Mayorazgo, C/Dr. Sixto Perera González, nº 25. Su entrada es GRATUITA.

El horario es de Martes a Domingo de 9.00 a 14.00 horas y de 15.30 a 18.00 horas.
Teléfono de contacto: 922.922.371
La visita se puede hacer tanto de forma individual, como con grupos.

story about the sea

Flash story about the sea

This story shows the great variety of different animals we can find in the sea and how being all different they share the sea to live. Kids can learn this stoy at the same time they learn the vocabulary given, once learnt through practice they can take the role of the narrator and tell the story to others.

story about animals who am i

Flash story about animals who am i

This story helps to make predictions about animals through a short story. Children will enjoy listening or reading through this interactive story read or shared with the teacher or any member of the family.

Life Cycle of Plant games

Pizarra digital Life Cycle of  Plant games

Activities about life cycle and parts of a plants susch as: Learn about the life cycle of a plant by sorting the parts of a flower, discovering what each part does and how in contributes to the life cycle of a living thing. Enjoy the interactive flower dissection activity and find out more about the flower petals, sepals, carpel, nectaries, receptacle and stamens. Experiment with the different parts of a flower, sort them into the correct categories, label them and learn useful information.

English as a medium of instruction – a growing global phenomenon

Otros English as a medium of instruction – a growing global phenomenon

This report presents the findings of a study which attempted to provide an initial picture of the rapidly growing global phenomenon of English medium instruction (EMI): The use of the English language to teach academic subjects in countries or jurisdictions where the first language (L1) of the majority of the population is not English.

padlet. geometric animals

Web padlet. geometric animals

This site is a wall where teachers or students can upload any image or link and organize it as they want using their own creativity. The example shown deals with animals but shown from geometry so students can analyze the different shapes used to create each animal. This is only an example of the many different uses we can give to this digital resource.


App abczoo

A very interesting way to promote the first steps of writing. Animas are and have always been am engine to motivate students towards learning. With this app students can start writing their names form very common animals to fantasy ones.

BrainPOP Jr, Science

Web BrainPOP Jr, Science

BrainPOP Jr. is a pay site that creates online animated curriculum-based content that is aligned to state education standards. BrainPOP Jr. targets kids in Primary. Students don’t need proficient reading skills to use this audio-heavy site. Lessons all begin with a brief video and include a wide variety of school and life topics. The site includes video, game, quiz, and activity sections for science based on national education standards.

Flora de las Islas Canarias

Presentación Flora de las Islas Canarias

Esta presentación contiene una descripción de la flora de Canarias, conformando un conjunto de especies vegetales que se pueden encontrar en estado silvestre en las islas Canarias. Comprende unas 1700 o 1800 especies de plantas, de las alrededor de 500 son endemismos canarios, otras 500 son autóctonas de la región y el resto probablemente fueron introducidas en tiempos modernos, posteriores a la conquista de las islas.

Science360 for iPad

App Science360 for iPad

The National Science Foundation’s (NSF) Science360 for iPad provides easy access to engaging science and engineering images and video from around the globe and a news feed featuring breaking news from NSF-funded institutions. Content is either produced by NSF or gathered from scientists, colleges and universities, and NSF science and engineering centers.

Britannica Kids: Rainforests

App Britannica Kids: Rainforests

Explore the world’s rainforests and the unique animals, plants and people which inhabit them in this latest addition to the Britannica Kids series. This app is perfect for exploring the secrets and mysteries of rainforests in a fun and engaging way. Learn and play at the same time through a variety of games like Memory Match, Jigsaw Puzzles, and the Magic Square among others. Explore the earth’s rainforests through a wealth of amazing images (which you can e-mail to friends!) videos and informative articles.

Britannica Kids: Snakes

App Britannica Kids: Snakes

Snakes is the perfect app for getting the facts right and looks at the feeding habits, life cycle, types of snakes, snake bites and much more in a really cool and interactive way. This app has been designed to help with homework, projects and exams but at the same time students get fun and excitement while learning.

Britannica Kids: Endangered Species

App Britannica Kids: Endangered Species

Learn all about the endangered species of the world in the latest addition to the Britannica Kids series. This app offers a fun andengaging way to explore a very important subject. Discover the variety of plants and animals on earth through a wealth of amazing images (which you can email to friends), videos, games, and informative articles. As it’s from Encyclopaedia Britannica, you can be sure it’s appropriate and safe for the whole family

Geo Walk HD – 3D World Fact Book

App Geo Walk HD - 3D World Fact Book

Geo Walk HD – 3D World Fact Book is an educational app loaded with useful information about 500 people, places, plants, and animals. The information is presented in two stylish interfaces in easily digestible but fact-loaded bites. (No description is more than a paragraph long, so kids will be less likely to find it too daunting and skip past it.) Every data point has a vivid picture to help bring it to life.

Elmer’s Special Day

App Elmer’s Special Day

Join Elmer in this interactive book app as he and the elephants prepare for a colorful parade! Explore pictures, learn new vocabulary, and personalize the story with your own narration. Find out what special surprise the animals in the jungle have for Elmer when he invites them to join the parade!

Meet the Insects: Village Edition

App Meet the Insects: Village Edition

Meet the Insects: Village Edition is the second app in this interactive learning series that allows children to explore and learn about various insects in different environments. This particular installment provides ample information, pictures, videos, and even an observation journal for little explorers and will teach them all they need to know about various insects such as locusts, butterflies, lady bugs and so much more. This app is perfect for all types of learners as it presents information in a variety of ways that will keep children engaged and excited to learn, something parents will certainly appreciate.


App Leafsnap

Leafsnap is the first in a series of electronic field guides being developed by researchers from Columbia University, the University of Maryland, and the Smithsonian Institution. This free mobile app uses visual recognition software to help identify tree species from photographs of their leaves.

Gro Garden

App Gro Garden

It takes minutes, not months, for kids to plant vegetable seeds and harvest a bountiful crop. Through the process, and two other fun games, kids learn a lot about gardening and healthy eating.

Super simple songs

Web Super simple songs

Web de los creadores de Super Simple Songs. Consiste en una página con recursos en torno a la canciones versionadas por eSuper simple learning. Podrás encontrar, aparte del enlace a su canal de videos en Youtube, flash cards e imprimibles gratuitos de gran calidad.

Toca Nature

App Toca Nature

Toca Nature gives kids the chance to experience the mountains, lakes, and forests on a different level. Kids don’t just get to walk through the forest, they get to build it, placing trees, mountains, and lakes in their virtual world, and then zooming in to experience the creatures that live within. With this app, kids will get to experience nature in ways that they can’t in real life.