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Bugs and Buttons

App Bugs and Buttons

Bugs and Buttons is a collection of 18 educational and entertaining games with buttons and (very realistic!) bugs. The games involve racing, counting, sorting, finding patterns, a slingshot, tic-tac-toe, connecting dots, navigating a maze, steering, matching, and completing letter sequences. Most of the games involve both buttons and eight different bugs: ants, bees, butterflies, dragonflies, fireflies, ladybugs, roaches, and tarantulas. Succeeding in the games helps kids win stamps of the bugs to collect in a book.


App Cells

Learn all about how cells gather fuel, create energy, grow, and reproduce, with interactive cross-sections of a cell, animations of mitosis and meiosis, and a spinning double helix.


App Ecology

Kids will journey from icy tundra to tropical rain forests in this interactive reading app for kids. This app will help kids better understand their relationship to nature and the environment, with an in-depth investigation into the many biomes of our planet, a look at how life cycles and food webs work, and an introduction into the important role of an ecologist.


App Plants

Kids will learn all about the process of photosynthesis, discover amazing adaptations plants make to their environment, and uncover the many ways humans depend on plants for our own survival in this interactive reading app.

Animals 100 – real animals

App Animals 100 - real animals

Animals 100 is the best application for iPad, in high definition, existent in the App Store. Useful either for parents who wish to make their children discover the wildlife or for teachers who want to insert it as an alternative teaching tool, besides all the fans of this kind of game.

wwf together

App wwf together

Experience the world’s most amazing and endangered animals in one app – together. This interactive experience brings you closer to the stories of elephants, whales, rhinos and other fascinating species. Discover their lives and the work of WWF in a way you’ve never seen before. Try out “tiger vision,” stay as still as the polar bear during a hunt, and chop the panda’s bamboo. Explore the animals’ stories, then fold them up and share them with the world. animals

Web animals

Have you ever wondered what to call a baby whale? Did you know that a male opossum is called a jack? If you want to know what to call a male, female, baby, or large group of an animal, then visit this site. You can also print out pictures of the animals to color!

Science Experiments and Activities

Web Science Experiments and Activities

This pinterest boards has 980 pins about Science experiments and activities.

Las aves

Flash Las aves

Juego en flash sobre las aves. La dinámica del juego es muy parecida al de la oca: se tira un dado y, dependiendo de la casilla en que caiga el visitante, se formulará o no una pregunta. Si la sabemos podemos seguir tirando el dado y avanzar por el tablero. Si fallamos volvemos a la casilla de salida. En este caso las preguntas son sobre las aves: alimentación, reproducción, etc.


Herramienta de autor Biodiversidad

Conjunto de actividades realizadas con Edilim con las que podemos repasar aspectos relacionados con la biodiversidad, funciones vitales de los seres vivos, ecosistemas, los reinos de los seres vivos, etc. Son actividades de tipo: sopas de letras, relacionar elementos, seleccionar respuestas, clasificar elementos, etc.

the animals

Flash the animals

This game can be established as a competition in which children have to recognize the animals in order to get to the end using the less possible time and the less number of mistakes. It can also be played with no competition but just practice so the can practice the oral recognition of animals besides they have fun, it is also ideal to be shown to parents so they can play together at home.

Deutsch- Wagen- Tour

Web Deutsch- Wagen- Tour

Los siguientes juegos creativos y ejercicios animados tratan diferentes temáticas desde un punto de vista lúdico. Algunos sencillos que se pueden utilizar en clase y en donde los alumnos pueden aprender vocabulario diferente desde el juego. Además algunos de ellos acercan aspectos de la cultura alemana.

Plants projects 4 kids

Web Plants projects 4 kids

This web is a pinterest board related to Plants project for CLIL. A great board where you can find more than 460 pins ready for you to use in your CLIL class.

Animals projects 4 kids

Web Animals projects 4 kids

This web is a pinterest board related to animals projects. A great board where you can find more than 750 pins ready for you to use in your CLIL class.

Science 4 kids

Web Science 4 kids

This web is a pinterest board related to CLIL Science. A great board where you can find more than 800 pins ready for you to use in your CLIL class.

Science and Art Crafts

Web Science and Art Crafts

This web is a pinterest board related to CLIL (science and art and crafts). A great board where you can find more than 90 original pins ready for your CLIL class.