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Electricidad y consumo responsable de energía

Web Electricidad y consumo responsable de energía

Esta unidad didáctica contiene mucha información práctica sobre la electricidad adaptada a los diferentes niveles educativos (primaria, secundaria y bachillerato). Pretende formar al alumnado en los conceptos básicos de electricidad, el uso de la misma en casa y los diferentes modos de producirla. Además de las explicaciones contiene numerosos gráficos e imágenes, simuladores y enlaces externos. Propone también cuestionarios sobre problemas. En la propia unidad se puede descargar un manual para el profesor en formato .rtf

Star Walk Kids – Explore Space & Planets

App Star Walk Kids – Explore Space & Planets

Star Walk Kids-Explore Space and Planets is a wonderful adventure into the science and culture of the nighttime sky. It will encourage interest in astronomy and also allow families to explore the beauty of the night together.


App Landforms

This Landforms app is built for elementary kids ages 5 – 10. App teaches plethora of landforms and is designed in collaboration with Teachers, parents & students. It has unique landforms riddles to indulge kids, and challenging questions for young minds. App is ideally suited as a study aid in classrooms, homeschooling and a handy refresher at home.

Explorium-Space for Kids

App Explorium-Space for Kids

Explorium-Space for Kids will take budding astronauts on an interplanetary adventure full of games, facts and surprises. Kids will play and learn their way across the solar system as they follow their own path and explore at their own pace.

Toca Lab

App Toca Lab

Toca Lab is a free-play app that introduces young kids to the general concept of the periodic table of elements and lets them experiment in a virtual chemistry lab. Using lab equipment such as a centrifuge, a Bunsen burner, an oscilloscope, test tubes, and cooling agents by simply swiping, tapping, or holding, kids can alter the 118 elements. The little blob-like representations of the elements have facial expressions that change as they’re altered.


App Nasa

Come explore with NASA and discover the latest images, videos, mission information, news, feature stories, tweets, NASA TV and featured content with the NASA App for iOS.

nasa visualization explorer

App nasa visualization explorer

The coolest way to get stories about NASA’s exploration of the Earth, sun, moon, planets and universe.

States of Matter

Infografía States of Matter

From ice, to water, to steam, and back, water changes form and function as it changes states. Learn more about the various states of matter with this fun infographic, perfect for the classroom


App Electricity

Kids will dive into the amazingly complex world of electricity, as they learn all about the flow of electrons, static vs. dynamic energy, visit the world’s largest machine, and meet figures like Ben Franklin and Nikola Tesla.


App Energy

This interactive app will be sure to engage kids in one of the most important concepts science has to offer: Energy. Packed with rich video and interactive animations, this app brings the topic of Energy to life, as kids will learn all about the various sources and forms of energy we encounter here on Earth, and how we as humans can better conserve our use of energy.


App Matter

Take an in-depth look at matter’s many mixed-up forms, learn about the difference between chemical and physical changes, and examine matter’s four possible states: solid, liquid, gas and plasma.


App Sun

To us here on Earth, the Sun is hugely important. Without it, our world would be a frozen rock wandering in space. Learn all about how the Sun gives us food, energy, seasons, weather, calendars, flowers, light, air, and some really wicked sunburns!


App Geology

Kids will learn all about rocks, minerals, and the study of Geology as they take an interactive tour thru the rock cycle, visit Stonehenge in 3D, and learn how fossils form in this interactive reading app.

Infographic: The Water Cycle

Infografía Infographic: The Water Cycle

This site shows the path that water takes from the earth to the atmosphere and back again. A really nice infographic of Water cycle to use with your students.

Meet Science, Light and Sound

App Meet Science, Light and Sound

‘Meet Science’, Light and Sound edition inspires all school-aged kids to explore fundamental concepts of Light and Sound with variety of fun features such as animations, experiments, and mini-games.


App Thinkrolls

Thinkrolls has all the trappings of popular platformer and physics puzzlers, but it incorporates a wealth of educational content. It appeals to children’s natural curiosity and challenges them with gameplay that fosters creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. Each of the 104 easy and 103 harder levels gradually build upon successive lessons to strengthen observation, reasoning, problem solving, spatial cognition and memory.

Piiig Labs: Science Experiments for Kids

App Piiig Labs: Science Experiments for Kids

Piiig Labs is a digital playground for your child to explore science concepts in an old fashioned way, by putting together mini projects and learning through interaction and sometimes trial and error. By being “hands on” in the building process, kids get an inside look at how things work!

MarcoPolo Ocean

App MarcoPolo Ocean

Five build-and-play activities bring the language and the images of the ocean to life. Ocean is playfully narrated and animated to reinforce vocabulary, physical attributes and ocean concepts.

Water cycle app


Water Cycles is a fun family game, packed with over 150 puzzles at six difficulty levels. Every new challenge is designed to help you gain an intuitive understanding of why water is so important in our lives – how it changes state, how it moves, and what we need it for. And all while playing a fun game!

Meet Science: Magnetism and Electricity

App Meet Science: Magnetism and Electricity

‘Meet Science’ inspires all school-aged kids to explore fundamental concepts of Magnetism and Electricity (1st Edition) with variety of fun features such as animations, experiments, and mini-games.