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Guía docente y cuaderno del alumnado para emprender un viaje en el centro de visitantes “Telesforo Bravo”

Documento de texto Guía docente y cuaderno del alumnado para emprender un viaje en el centro de visitantes

Guía docente y cuaderno del alumnado para hacer un inolvidable viaje de ascensión al Teide desde el mar hasta la cumbre. La actividad está diseñada para hacer un recorrido por el centro de visitantes “Telesforo Bravo”.

En el recurso realizado por el docente del CEIP Ramón y Cajal de La Orotava, José Antonio Calvo Paredes y que consiste en una Guía docente y un cuaderno del alumnado se propone a todos los centros educativos la visita al Centro de visitantes “Telesforo Bravo” en La Orotava mediante una visita pedagógica.

El centro de visitantes se encuentra ubicado en la Urbanización El Mayorazgo, C/Dr. Sixto Perera González, nº 25. Su entrada es GRATUITA.

El horario es de Martes a Domingo de 9.00 a 14.00 horas y de 15.30 a 18.00 horas.
Teléfono de contacto: 922.922.371
La visita se puede hacer tanto de forma individual, como con grupos.

Countries and capitals online game

Pizarra digital Countries and capitals online game

Learn to Spell Names of Countries and Capitals, in this Geography and ESL Interactive Drag and Drop Spelling Exercise Online. ESL Learners and Teachers can use it to review English vocabulary and grammar or practice different countries of the world and thier capitals. This spelling activity will help learning geography while having fun, practice vocabulary and reinforce spelling.

English as a medium of instruction – a growing global phenomenon

Otros English as a medium of instruction – a growing global phenomenon

This report presents the findings of a study which attempted to provide an initial picture of the rapidly growing global phenomenon of English medium instruction (EMI): The use of the English language to teach academic subjects in countries or jurisdictions where the first language (L1) of the majority of the population is not English.

Natural History Museum

App Natural History Museum

Get ready for an amazing journey through the Museum! Visit the dinosaurs and denizens of the deep sea, living legends, unknown mammals, spectacular birds, marine reptiles, rocks and rare fishes, with the click of a button. Eye-catching photography and hundreds of unforgettable, fascinating facts make this application a great way to engage your family and learn about natural history.

British Museum Companion

App British Museum Companion

Experience the British Museum and its amazing artifacts. Famous objects of ancient civilizations such as ancient mummies, the Rosetta stone and Parthenon marbles are included in this free version.To see more than 600 objects of exquisite art history and beauty, just unlock the Full Version anytime! If you plan to visit the museum, the app has everything you need for your visit including interactive maps and a selection of tours.

Mr Eus – Story of the future

App Mr Eus - Story of the future

Mr. Eus is Mysterious! Based in the year 2111, Eus and Teek are young children who love to explore the planets of the solar system. Children are taken on a journey of current factual information through each of the planets.

BrainPOP Jr, Social Studies

Web BrainPOP Jr, Social Studies

BrainPOP Jr. is a pay site that creates online animated curriculum-based content that is aligned to state education standards. BrainPOP Jr. targets kids in Primary. Students don’t need proficient reading skills to use this audio-heavy site. Lessons all begin with a brief video and include a wide variety of school and life topics. The site includes video, game, quiz, and activity sections for social studies based on national education standards.

Pocket Universe: Virtual Sky Astronomy

App Pocket Universe: Virtual Sky Astronomy

Have you ever looked up at the night sky, and wondered what exactly you were looking at? Pocket Universe is an easy-to-use app that will help you learn the names of constellations, bright stars, planets and more. You can literally hold up your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch in front of you, and the app will use the built-in compass to display the same view of the sky you see – but one that’s complete with names and information.

abchouseforchildren! learn first words and phrases in english

App abchouseforchildren! learn first words and phrases in english

This app shows the different rooms of the house and the furniture and useful items we can find on them. the student can easily recognize them by touching them and the app will tell the name and a short description of every item

Britannica Kids: Solar System

App Britannica Kids: Solar System

This latest addition to the Britannica Kids series is the perfect app for exploring the secrets of the Solar System in a fun and engaging way. Learn and play at the same time through a variety of games like Memory Match, Jigsaw Puzzles, and the Magic Square among others. Explore the solar system through a wealth of amazing images (which you can e-mail to friends!) videos and informative articles.

Britannica Kids: Coral Reefs

App Britannica Kids: Coral Reefs

The Coral Reefs app is a perfect introduction to the subject of ocean conservation. It explains how reefs are formed and what kinds of problems are facing the reefs and the living things that depend on the reefs. Learning about plants and animals has never been more fun with this quick, interactive, and educational app. The content was developed using Britannica’s curriculum-based content. The text and the captions for the high-quality videos and images were written specifically for ages 8-12.


App Antarctica

Take a tour of the coldest, driest, iciest, and windiest continent on Earth! Learn about the brave explorers who first stepped foot onto Antarctica, discover how an iceberg is born, and make a penguin egg hatch with your fingertips!

Extreme Weather

App Extreme Weather

Experience the most extreme forms of weather on Earth, with an interactive cross-section of a hurricane, high-definition videos of tornadoes and lightning, and the science behind climates of extreme heat and cold.

Kids Discover Space

App Kids Discover Space

KIDS DISCOVER SPACE, an interactive book, is packed with over 200 spectacular images, plus diagrams, timelines, fun facts and surprises. Travel to black holes and star clusters, examine our solar system, experience the race into space and marvel at the beauty and abundance of life on earth.

Marine Missions

App Marine Missions

Explore with Jacques the hermit crab and learn that a healthy ocean is a healthy world!This app from National Geographic Kids teaches children about ocean animals and the importance of water conservation in a fun and interactive adventure game.

One Globe Kids – children’s stories from around the world

App One Globe Kids – children’s stories from around the world

One Globe Kids – children’s stories from around the world introduces kids to global cultures through photo- and audio-based “a day in my life” stories told by individual kids from different countries. There’s Aji in Indonesia, Luna in New York City, and almost a dozen other stories for kids to listen to and read. Kids can also hear a bit of each storyteller’s language (and record themselves saying a few words), choose which storyline they’d like to hear, and learn geographic, cultural, and political facts about each country. Stories can be heard in four languages.

Solar System for iPad

App Solar System for iPad

Solar System for iPad app is a digital book about our solar system — including facts about the sun, planets, moons, asteroid belts, and more. This reference app comes to life with high-resolution photos, videos, animation, music, and text — and some interactivity, as well.

Star Walk 2 – Guide to the Sky Day and Night

App Star Walk 2 - Guide to the Sky Day and Night

Star Walk 2 is a next-generation tool for not only learning the exact position of stars, planets, constellations, comets, ISS, satellites, star clusters, nebulae and meteor showers in the night sky but also for investigating its’ depth like watching constellations, nebulae and satellites from aside.

Star Walk for iPad – interactive astronomy guide

App Star Walk for iPad - interactive astronomy guide

Star Walk is the most beautiful stargazing app you’ve ever seen on a mobile device. It will become your go-to interactive astro guide to the night sky, following your every movement in real-time and allowing you to explore over 200, 000 celestial bodies with extensive information about stars and constellations that you find.

Geo Walk HD – 3D World Fact Book

App Geo Walk HD - 3D World Fact Book

Geo Walk HD – 3D World Fact Book is an educational app loaded with useful information about 500 people, places, plants, and animals. The information is presented in two stylish interfaces in easily digestible but fact-loaded bites. (No description is more than a paragraph long, so kids will be less likely to find it too daunting and skip past it.) Every data point has a vivid picture to help bring it to life.


App Landforms

This Landforms app is built for elementary kids ages 5 – 10. App teaches plethora of landforms and is designed in collaboration with Teachers, parents & students. It has unique landforms riddles to indulge kids, and challenging questions for young minds. App is ideally suited as a study aid in classrooms, homeschooling and a handy refresher at home.

Recycle Hero for Kids

App Recycle Hero for Kids

Recycle Hero is an adventure game that teaches kids about recycling and taking care of the environment in a fun way. This fun and educational game teaches children of all ages to appreciate the environment and what they can do to protect it.

Gro Recycling

App Gro Recycling

GRO RECYCLING is a circular kids app – a play cycle – about recycling. It is foremost a fun game, but also a pedagogic way for students to learn about taking care of our planets resources. Find out and make new products out of the garbage you’ve sorted by playing with the funky recycling machines. Pull the levers, click the buttons, spin the cog wheels and play along with the music. Whatever you produce – a bottle of lemonade, a jar of jam or a can of pinapple rings – it will come in handy. Banja the rabbit throws a picnic for her friends, and you’re invited!

Toca Town

App Toca Town

There are treasures everywhere in Toca Town. Turn on and off lights, toss garbage in the bins, or wrap up a present in the store to give to friends. Throw stones in the pond and tap the sun for day and night. Remember there are no rules in Toca Town so don’t be afraid to interact with anything, even the toilet!

Barefoot World Atlas

App Barefoot World Atlas

Barefoot World Atlas is an educational app that gives children an interactive look at animals, indigenous people, and other topics of interest around the world. By spinning, pinching, and zooming, kids can find something that interests them and learn more about it through descriptions and photos.

nasa visualization explorer

App nasa visualization explorer

The coolest way to get stories about NASA’s exploration of the Earth, sun, moon, planets and universe.


App toontastic

Lights, Camera, Play! Toontastic is a creative storytelling app that enables kids to draw, animate, and share their own cartoons with friends and family around the world. With over 14 million cartoons created in 200+ countries, parents and teachers rave about the app… and kids can’t stop creating!

Where are we?

App Where are we?

Come along on 4 exciting adventures from the Cat in the Hat’s Learning Library! Explore pictures, learn new vocabulary, and personalize the story with your own narration. Learn about different locations in the universe with There’s No Place Like Space!: All About Our Solar System, Why Oh Why Are Deserts Dry?, Ice Is Nice!, and There’s a Map on My Lap!: All About Maps.

History 4 kids

Web History 4 kids

This web is a pinterest board related to History CLIL. A great board where you can find more than 550 pins ready for you to use in your CLIL class.


Web Geo CLIL

This web is a pinterest board related to Geo CLIL. A great board where you can find more than 500 fantastic pins ready for you to use in your Geography class.

Mi cuaderno de Geografía- Movimientos de la Tierra

Flash Mi cuaderno de Geografía- Movimientos de la Tierra

Este recurso describe cuáles son los movimientos principales de la Tierra, qué circunstancia da lugar al día y la noche, a las estaciones, el por qué de las distintas zonas térmicas, por qué se producen los años bisiestos. La parte final del recurso incluye una serie de actividades para comprobar lo aprendido.

¿Qué es un eclipse?

Flash ¿Qué es un eclipse?

El alumnado podrá conocer lo qué es un Eclipse, cuáles son las condiciones necesarias para que se produzca y con cuánta frecuencia se producen los eclipses solares en un año. Este recurso también permitirá identificar los tipos de eclipses que se producen, realizar una simulación de eclipse y las fases que se suceden mientras se va produciendo el mismo.

Los ecosistemas terrestres y acuáticos

Presentación Los ecosistemas terrestres y acuáticos

Este recurso ayudará al alumnado a conocer lo qué es un ecosistema y cuántos tipos existen, qué es una red trófica, los seres vivos que aparecen en el ecosistema terrestre, qué papeles desempeñan las estaciones del año en la vida de los espacios naturales, las relaciones que se establecen en los ecosistemas acuáticos…

Identificación de rocas

Exelearning Identificación de rocas

Unidad didáctica en la que junto a Antonio y Carmen aprenderemon cosas tan interesantes como la clasificación de las rocas, su repercusión en la configuración del paisaje y su utilidad para el ser humano. La secuencia didáctica se encuentra en los siguientes formatos: html, scorm y elp. Podemos utilizar este último para modificarlo y adaptarlo a nuestras necesidades.


From P.E to Art or Science and graded to different years this site is full of tested activities that might be interesting for our proposals.

google earth

Software google earth

Fly over the whole entire world or walk around the most important cities or places, or just around your house, an astonishing tool easy to download and install for free ideal to understand the planet in many different ways from geography to art.

Guía Didáctica de Educación Vial

Flash Guía Didáctica de Educación Vial

Este recurso elaborado por la Dirección General de Tráfico es muy útil para el alumnado de 3º y 4º de Primaria, está elaborado para ser trabajado desde distintas áreas. Se presenta como una Unidad Didáctica denominada “La comarca” y se subdivide en: paisajes, comarcas, localidad, vías y medios de transporte. Puede ser trabajado en “versión de lectura e impresión” o en “versión interactiva”

Conociendo nuestro Planeta

Flash Conociendo nuestro Planeta

Este recurso es una presentación que ayudará al alumnado a conocer mejor lo que son las líneas y puntos imaginarios. También le permitirá reforzar contenidos sobre océanos y continentes, y a situarlos en un planisferio. Acaba la presentación con una serie de desafíos a través de los cuales demostrará si recuerda o no lo aprendido.

Coordenadas terrestres

Presentación Coordenadas terrestres

Este recurso ayuda al alumnado a comprender la utilidad del sistema de coordenadas terrestre. Ser capaz de localizar un punto del planeta mediante coordenadas. Entender los conceptos de latitud, longitud, meridianos y husos horarios. Manejar con habilidad sistemas de identificación geográfica como Google Earth.