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story about shapes

Flash story about shapes

This story helps to make correspondences among shapes and common things from the daily life. It can be shown as an example of activity to be done in class.

El mundo de lunares de Yayoi Kusama

Flash El mundo de lunares de Yayoi Kusama

Kusama pone lunares por todas partes, la mueve un irrefrenable deseo de envolver toda clase de superficies que están a su alrededor con muchos puntos de colores. Este juego interactivo les propone a los alumnos hacer lo mismo: llenar un conjunto de imágenes que representan el interior y exterior de una casa —como si se tratara del lienzo de un pintor— con lunares de distinto tipo, de diferentes colores, intervenir y transformar los espacios en blanco cargándolos con coloridas manchas.

123D Design


Entra en el mundo de la 3D y crea impresionantes diseños.Comience eligiendo una de las formas básicas y luego editarlo para ser justo lo que quieres.Fácil de conectar una forma a otra para hacer creaciones más detallados. Objetos encajan naturalmente a los centros de las caras.Las piezas incluidas y proyectos de muestra son una forma divertida de jugar con las ideas de diseño o de aclimatarse a los conceptos de diseño.Elegimos de uno de los kits de ejemplo y empezar a construir. Cada parte es editable para que pueda probar diferentes ideas y hacer que el suyo propio.Guarda tus creaciones a Mis Proyectos, donde se puede acceder fácilmente en la web Diseño 123D.

padlet. geometric animals

Web padlet. geometric animals

This site is a wall where teachers or students can upload any image or link and organize it as they want using their own creativity. The example shown deals with animals but shown from geometry so students can analyze the different shapes used to create each animal. This is only an example of the many different uses we can give to this digital resource.

BrainPOP Jr, Arts and Technology

Web BrainPOP Jr, Arts and Technology

BrainPOP Jr. is a pay site that creates online animated curriculum-based content that is aligned to state education standards. BrainPOP Jr. targets kids in Primary. Students don’t need proficient reading skills to use this audio-heavy site. Lessons all begin with a brief video and include a wide variety of school and life topics. The site includes video, game, quiz, and activity sections for arts and technology based on national education standards.

friendly shapes

App friendly shapes

This app helps as to distinguish the basic geometric shapes in a very creative way since children are following a story through a fun and fully interactive adventure.


App patchimals

Children can learn shapes in a natural way and with loads of fun. Ideal for beginners, there is no stress and it is full of colors. the game is commented in both spanish and English so students can gets a one to one correspondence as a hook for the first stages of learning.

shapes show room

Flash shapes show room

This flash game help students to understand how shapes are around, it also promotes creativity since they can create their own proposals freely or guided.

Animals projects 4 kids

Web Animals projects 4 kids

This web is a pinterest board related to animals projects. A great board where you can find more than 750 pins ready for you to use in your CLIL class.

Art and crafts 4 kids

Web Art and crafts 4 kids

This web is a pinterest board related to art and crafts for kids. A great board where you can find more than 1700 pins ready for you to use in your CLIL class.

Science and Art Crafts

Web Science and Art Crafts

This web is a pinterest board related to CLIL (science and art and crafts). A great board where you can find more than 90 original pins ready for your CLIL class.

Deutsch Germanistgood

Web Deutsch Germanistgood

Es una página francesa que a través de imágenes de campos semánticos enlaza a juegos muy divertidos para estudiantes de alemán de primaria. Estos ejercicios tratan sobre vocabulario de animales, comida, números, etc. Se trabaja también la destreza auditiva.


App educreations

This is an interactive board where Clil teachers can give explanations, or promote some reflection through different topis. Also enjoyable in app and ideal to work with tablets. All the creations can be shared by sending a pin to the students attached to the class created by the teacher this way learning is not restricted to the class anymore ready to use at any moment.


From P.E to Art or Science and graded to different years this site is full of tested activities that might be interesting for our proposals.

google cultural institute

Web google cultural institute

This site shows cultural/artistic expositions to enjoy in high quality from different museums. You can also look in the browser for your motive or even create your own collection from the images you like most. It can be used as activation or analysis among some different purposes.


Web kahoot

This is website allows to use the smartphone or the tablet in the class as a pushbutton responses so students can take part in a competition since previously the teacher has created a questionnaire and shared a pin to get access. Very easy to use in any nonlinguistic subject as to revise knowledge or bring previous knowledge in a a very interacting and funny way. first register in and the send the participants to to joy in.


If you want to start motivating your kids with a question, know their previous knowledge on something or just check what they have learnt this site helps at any of this point in a free accesible and easy way. Once all our students/families have answered the site does charts so we can have a clear idea on what the others think about something.