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Faces iMake – Premium!

App Faces iMake - Premium!

Faces iMake – Right Brain Creativity encourages kids to be creative by creating faces using collage materials. It also provides opportunities for kids to share their creativity via email and social media as well as with other app users worldwide in a special gallery called FaceWorld. The overall design is very kid-friendly and fun and even introduces kids to symbolic elements of art.

El color. Educación Plástica y Visual

Web El color. Educación Plástica y Visual

Página interactiva donde trata con detenimiento los siguientes aspectos del color: La luz y el color, tipos de colores y sus relaciones, cualidades del color, armonías y contrastes, y la expresividad del color

El color. Síntesis aditiva.

Web El color. Síntesis aditiva.

Aplicación interactiva que nos muestra por medio de delizadores la suma de colores luz. Muy práctica a la hora de entender cómo se mezclan los colores en los dispositivos electrónicos,

El color. Síntesis sustractiva

Web El color. Síntesis sustractiva

Aplicación interactiva que nos muestra con deslizadores la mezcla de colores pigmento. Los colores usados son los primarios pigmento. Muy útil como iniciación a la mezcla física del color en el aula.


App toontastic

Lights, Camera, Play! Toontastic is a creative storytelling app that enables kids to draw, animate, and share their own cartoons with friends and family around the world. With over 14 million cartoons created in 200+ countries, parents and teachers rave about the app… and kids can’t stop creating!

Socrative-Apps para cear pruebas para el alumnado

App Socrative-Apps para cear pruebas para el alumnado

App para crear pruebas, actividades y juegos para comprobar el nivel del alumnado. El alumnado realiza las pruebas desde sus dispositivos móviles y el profesor obtiene resultados y estadísticas en tiempo real.


Web Lesekorb

En esta página hay infinidad de cuentos, fábulas y narraciones infantiles. Se encuentran entre otras las más importantes dentro del panorama literario alemán, como las de los Hermanos Grimm. También están entre otras, los viajes Gulliver, el Barón de Münchhausen, etc. . Muchas de ellas se pueden escuchar y existe un apartado donde se pueden grabar como un podcast.

Animals projects 4 kids

Web Animals projects 4 kids

This web is a pinterest board related to animals projects. A great board where you can find more than 750 pins ready for you to use in your CLIL class.

Art and crafts 4 kids

Web Art and crafts 4 kids

This web is a pinterest board related to art and crafts for kids. A great board where you can find more than 1700 pins ready for you to use in your CLIL class.

Science and Art Crafts

Web Science and Art Crafts

This web is a pinterest board related to CLIL (science and art and crafts). A great board where you can find more than 90 original pins ready for your CLIL class.


App educreations

This is an interactive board where Clil teachers can give explanations, or promote some reflection through different topis. Also enjoyable in app and ideal to work with tablets. All the creations can be shared by sending a pin to the students attached to the class created by the teacher this way learning is not restricted to the class anymore ready to use at any moment.


From P.E to Art or Science and graded to different years this site is full of tested activities that might be interesting for our proposals.

google cultural institute

Web google cultural institute

This site shows cultural/artistic expositions to enjoy in high quality from different museums. You can also look in the browser for your motive or even create your own collection from the images you like most. It can be used as activation or analysis among some different purposes.


Web kahoot

This is website allows to use the smartphone or the tablet in the class as a pushbutton responses so students can take part in a competition since previously the teacher has created a questionnaire and shared a pin to get access. Very easy to use in any nonlinguistic subject as to revise knowledge or bring previous knowledge in a a very interacting and funny way. first register in and the send the participants to to joy in.


If you want to start motivating your kids with a question, know their previous knowledge on something or just check what they have learnt this site helps at any of this point in a free accesible and easy way. Once all our students/families have answered the site does charts so we can have a clear idea on what the others think about something.


An amazing site where students can create their own logos, ideal to develop their creativity and to use it as a tool to enrole them in activities in groups in which they want to take active part by recognizing themselves with a logo. The free version allows to do most of the actions they are intended for, we also count with the application for smartphones and tablets.


Web storybird

This site helps students to create their own stories dealing with many different topics from most of the related in Science to arts (easy image browser by tags). An astonishing tool to develop our students creativity or to create very motivating resources for our students in order to activate the learning process or as a complementary activity.

christmas resources

Web christmas resources

A whole compilation of Carrols, Music, Decorations, Games, Vopcabulary… all for Christmas so we can show how this celabration takes place through different cultares paying special emphasis in the anglosaxon world.


Software tineyelab

This software helps to work through colors. It finds loads of images from flickr according to the color palette you choose (up to 5 colors) you can also upload and image and then find images with the same palette of color or you can even split some from your image and again it finds thousands of images with the same palette. Another possibility this software offers is to create a reverse image (the negative) from the one updated.