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Deutsch Germanistgood

Web Deutsch Germanistgood

Es una página francesa que a través de imágenes de campos semánticos enlaza a juegos muy divertidos para estudiantes de alemán de primaria. Estos ejercicios tratan sobre vocabulario de animales, comida, números, etc. Se trabaja también la destreza auditiva.


Web kahoot

This is website allows to use the smartphone or the tablet in the class as a pushbutton responses so students can take part in a competition since previously the teacher has created a questionnaire and shared a pin to get access. Very easy to use in any nonlinguistic subject as to revise knowledge or bring previous knowledge in a a very interacting and funny way. first register in and the send the participants to to joy in.

christmas resources

Web christmas resources

A whole compilation of Carrols, Music, Decorations, Games, Vopcabulary… all for Christmas so we can show how this celabration takes place through different cultares paying special emphasis in the anglosaxon world.

European Framework for CLIL Teacher Education

Web European Framework for CLIL Teacher Education

The European Framework for CLIL Teacher Education offers a teacher training curriculum for CLIL that may be linked to learners’ curricula. Adaptable curricular models, suitable for both foreign language and content teachers are based on a set of defined target professional competences, e.g.: “ClIL teachers are able to articulate and discuss CLIL with school’s internal and external stakeholders”.

International CLIL Research Journal

Web International CLIL Research Journal

The ICRJ is an electronic refereed journal which acts as a platform for researchers across the world who work on Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL). Research in this field is often published in a range of journals reflecting different disciplines. The ICRJ attempts to consolidate insights and research findings into a single publication so as to enhance accessibility to those in the field.

Language, concepts and procedures: Why CLIL does them better!

Web Language, concepts and procedures: Why CLIL does them better!

Can CLIL improve language and subject teaching at the same time? Phil Ball examines this bold claim by contrasting task design in native speaker and CLIL lessons, looking at the procedures and processes students undergo to acquire content knowledge.

How do you know if you’re practising CLIL?

Web How do you know if you're practising CLIL?

Perhaps due to its relatively recent birth as an approach with a label, CLIL shelters a broad range of practice under its pedagogic roof. But if it is to be taken seriously as an approach, and then adopted by the world of pedagogy, it needs to have identifiable limits. We need to be able to say what it is, but also what it isn’t. In what ways does CLIL manifest itself in terms of curricular types, and perhaps more simply – how do you know if you’re ‘CLIL-ing’, to quote a new verb?

Activities type in CLIL

Web Activities type in CLIL

Can CLIL deliver? Phil Ball looks at some of the challenges facing CLIL, as it attempts to both gain a foothold in standard educational practice and at the same time convince its doubters that it can really deliver.

What is CLIL?

Web What is CLIL?

Despite the self-explanatory nature of the phrase ‘Content and Language Integrated Learning’, the true nature of CLIL still remains elusive. This introductory article (of four) briefly analyses a series of broadly-accepted definitions of CLIL as a way of highlighting its most significant characteristics.


Web CBeebies-Storytime

Sección de la página para niños de la BBC con una recopilación de historias contadas por un narrador del famoso programa británico. Fantástico recurso en caso de no contar con mucha bibliografía de literatura infantil en tu aula.

Palabras I

Herramienta de autor Palabras I

Conjunto de 7 paquetes de actividades de lengua escrita para el tercer curso de educación infantil, primer ciclo de educación primaria y para alumnado con NEAE, que contienen: lectura, copia, dictado directo, dictado con modelo ausente y dictado mudo de palabras con las siete primeras consonantes.

Boowa & Kwala

Web Boowa & Kwala

Web con 818 juegos flash, entre ellos hay 94 canciones y 21 juegos musicales.Muchos de los juegos tienen varios niveles de dificultad.1. Memo musical, tipo Simon, pero con peluches.2. El hombre orquesta, puedes ir poniendo o quitando instrumentos que toca.3. Esucha un instrumento y escoge la imagen del que ha sonado y otros muchos más

Le calendrier de l´Avent en chansons

Web Le calendrier de  l´Avent en chansons

Calendario de Adviento musical con sus 24 casillas, en este caso, cada casilla corresponde a un villancico en francés o inglés con un vídeo con la letra de la canción.


Flash Placophone

Instrumento virtual de placa . Permite elegir entre tres timbres: xilófono, metalófono y carillón. El nombre de las notas se puede mostrar u ocultar. Incluye el fa# y el sib. Es posible descargar el flash. Se trabaja muy bien con la pizarra digital.