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Interacting Telling The Time Lite- Telling the time is fun

App Interacting Telling The Time Lite- Telling the time is fun

Aprende a decir la hora en diferentes idiomas de manera interactiva y divertida.

LearnEnglish Kids: Videos

App LearnEnglish Kids: Videos

App con gran cantidad de cuentos animados para disfrutar.Dirigida a niños que aprenden inglés, LearnEnglishKids: Videos contiene diez divertidos vídeos con los que lo pasarás genial.Cuentos incluidos:•Ricitos de Oro y los tres osos•Jack y las habichuelas mágicas•Caperucita Roja•Dark Dark Wood•The Monster Shopping Trip•Record BreakersY muchos más.Incluye ‘Guía para padres’ con información sobre cómo ayudar a tu hijo a aprender inglés.

Towards quality-CLIL: successful planning and teaching strategies

Documento de texto Towards quality-CLIL: successful planning and teaching strategies

This article introduces a planning tool that enables CLIL teachers to develop their methodological competences and facilitates the design and production of quality CLIL learning materials.

Towards an integrated curriculum – CLIL National Statement and Guidelines

Documento de texto Towards an integrated curriculum – CLIL National Statement and Guidelines

This pdf is rather an authoritative source of support and guidance for teachers and schools who are interested in what is possible, whether they are starting down the road towards greater integration of content and language or haveconsiderable experience already.

The CLIL teacher’s competences grid

Documento de texto The CLIL teacher's competences grid

Thi pdf document is a grid which aims to map competences that can support the development of a rich CLIL learning environment in a wide variety of contexts. These competences need to be further situated in the context of best practice in education in gener

Criteria for Producing CLIL Learning Materials

Web Criteria for Producing CLIL Learning Materials

This site includes criteria that can be applied to the development of CLIL and non-CLIL learning materials.

jobs memory game

Flash jobs memory game

This memory games about professions increases its difficulty as every panel is solved, from listening and visual recognition to reading recognition and mixtures. Very nice as to identify the vocabulary in a funny way.


Flash trolleydash

This game helps to introduces reading and listening at the same time and the practice of memory and visual recognition. Try to put in the trolley what in the previous shopping list is given, your students will have 60 seconds as to complete it all and then they can pass to another level.

Science Experiments and Activities

Web Science Experiments and Activities

This pinterest boards has 980 pins about Science experiments and activities.

10 Science Activities

Web 10 Science Activities

10 simple science activities that will amaze, amuse, educate, and delight your students.

Amazing science activities for kids

Web Amazing science activities for kids

In this site you will find a great collection of must try experiments that will wow the kids.

25 + Science experiments for kids

Web 25 + Science experiments for kids

This site show a list of 25 fun Science experiments to use with your students in your CLIL lessons

Learning Time with Timmy

App Learning Time with Timmy

Aprende más de 60 palabras en inglés que incluyen números, colores, formas, alimentos, animales, objetos del aula y juguetes. Con esta app puedes oír al narrador Timmy decir las palabras en voz alta, jugar juegos emocionantes que aumentan su dificultad a medida que vas avanzando y conseguir pegatinas coleccionables para tu libro de progreso.

jump the frog (reading)

Flash jump the frog (reading)

This flash game helps to understand reading besides the practice of mathematical calculations. As soon as the student clicks the result he/she allows the frog to jump on the different leaves as to find the hidden fly.


Web khanacademy

Khan Academy offers practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard that empower learners to study at their own pace in and outside of the classroom.

CLIL essential

Flash CLIL essential

In this page you will find the key elements that are essential to CLIL practice

Using Languages to learn and learning to use languages

Documento de texto Using Languages to learn and learning to use languages

This booklet is about learning languages. It invites you to look at an approach which could be developed in your school which is called Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL).

Core CLIL Activators

Web Core CLIL Activators

The Core CLIL Activators’ represent a synthesis of key elements of good pedagogy and good CLIL practice. They also depict some of the ways CLIL stakeholders work together to build a learning community, and, in particular, rich learning environments for students.



This page is being updated and prepared to help those teachers involved in the experience of implementing bilinguism in European schools and in Spanish school mainly.

CLIL with David Marsh

Vídeo CLIL with David Marsh

David Marsh gives a great insight into CLIL answering relevant questions: the future of CLIL, advice on how to start up a CLIL programme and much more.