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Dave’s ESL Cafe Idea Cookbook

Web Dave's ESL Cafe Idea Cookbook

Uno de los más veteranos en la web, el Idea cookbook está lleno de ideas y actividades categorizadas por temas y aportadas por profesorado de todo el mundo. Una mina de recursos para todos los niveles y skills.

endless alphabet

App endless alphabet

Kids will have a blast learning their ABC’s and building vocabulary through building concepts from different subjects. Each word features an interactive puzzle with talking letters and a short animation illustrating the definition. Delightful animations teach children the definitions of the words in a fun and engaging way.

Mayan multiplication method

Vídeo Mayan multiplication method

Mayan Multiplication method without calculator, nor timetables. A great and funny way to review numbers, works through mental additions and get closer to Mesoamerican Cultures.

Art Print Technique

Web Art Print Technique

A simple and great technique for art printing using recycled materials like foam from take away containers or veggies or fruit trays.

Life Cycle of Plant games

Pizarra digital Life Cycle of  Plant games

Activities about life cycle and parts of a plants susch as: Learn about the life cycle of a plant by sorting the parts of a flower, discovering what each part does and how in contributes to the life cycle of a living thing. Enjoy the interactive flower dissection activity and find out more about the flower petals, sepals, carpel, nectaries, receptacle and stamens. Experiment with the different parts of a flower, sort them into the correct categories, label them and learn useful information.

Countries and capitals online game

Pizarra digital Countries and capitals online game

Learn to Spell Names of Countries and Capitals, in this Geography and ESL Interactive Drag and Drop Spelling Exercise Online. ESL Learners and Teachers can use it to review English vocabulary and grammar or practice different countries of the world and thier capitals. This spelling activity will help learning geography while having fun, practice vocabulary and reinforce spelling.

I am a pizza

Vídeo I am a pizza

Simple and sticky video song suitable to work food groups and food piramid. Possibility of changing ingredients depending on the focused food group.

English as a medium of instruction – a growing global phenomenon

Otros English as a medium of instruction – a growing global phenomenon

This report presents the findings of a study which attempted to provide an initial picture of the rapidly growing global phenomenon of English medium instruction (EMI): The use of the English language to teach academic subjects in countries or jurisdictions where the first language (L1) of the majority of the population is not English.

Ingredients for successful CLIL

Presentación Ingredients for successful CLIL

This is a CLIL Webinar by Keith Kelly talking about the ingredients for successful CLIL.

The National Gallery, London

App The National Gallery, London

The most amazing art app awaits your download. Michelangelo, da Vinci, Rubens, Rembrandt, Titian, Van Gogh, Cezanne.. all in one. Breathtakingly beautiful paintings along with detailed explanations to enthrall you.

Natural History Museum

App Natural History Museum

Get ready for an amazing journey through the Museum! Visit the dinosaurs and denizens of the deep sea, living legends, unknown mammals, spectacular birds, marine reptiles, rocks and rare fishes, with the click of a button. Eye-catching photography and hundreds of unforgettable, fascinating facts make this application a great way to engage your family and learn about natural history.

British Museum Companion

App British Museum Companion

Experience the British Museum and its amazing artifacts. Famous objects of ancient civilizations such as ancient mummies, the Rosetta stone and Parthenon marbles are included in this free version.To see more than 600 objects of exquisite art history and beauty, just unlock the Full Version anytime! If you plan to visit the museum, the app has everything you need for your visit including interactive maps and a selection of tours.

I’ve Got Peace in my Fingers

Vídeo I've Got Peace in my Fingers

Excellent clip for Peace Day, other festivities and education in values. Sticky and easy song by Susan Salindor with helpful performance for listening comprehension.

ceilidh dance

Vídeo ceilidh dance

David Vivanco showing an example of the basic ceilidh dance standards from the “Circassian circle” to the “Witches Reel” done by teachers from Udine. Easy to motivate our students with this basic moves and the expansion of the cultural aspects from Scotland and Ireland.


App Incas

Students will journey back in time to discover the fascinating culture and traditions of the Incas, with a 360-degree panorama of Machu Picchu, a timeline of great Incan rulers, and a deep delve into the many practices commonly attributed to this great civilization.

One Globe Kids – children’s stories from around the world

App One Globe Kids – children’s stories from around the world

One Globe Kids – children’s stories from around the world introduces kids to global cultures through photo- and audio-based “a day in my life” stories told by individual kids from different countries. There’s Aji in Indonesia, Luna in New York City, and almost a dozen other stories for kids to listen to and read. Kids can also hear a bit of each storyteller’s language (and record themselves saying a few words), choose which storyline they’d like to hear, and learn geographic, cultural, and political facts about each country. Stories can be heard in four languages.

Elmer’s Special Day

App Elmer’s Special Day

Join Elmer in this interactive book app as he and the elephants prepare for a colorful parade! Explore pictures, learn new vocabulary, and personalize the story with your own narration. Find out what special surprise the animals in the jungle have for Elmer when he invites them to join the parade!


App Kidquest

KidQuest will provide your students learning fun as they do crafts, explore science experiments and more as they follow the directions from this app. It makes it easy to find and do the perfect activity. Digital scrapbooks of your creation are automatically created and ready to share with friends and family.

Oxford Owl readers- Pagina del proyecto

Web Oxford Owl readers- Pagina del proyecto

Excelente web con recursos para los jóvenes lectores. Contiene más de 250 títulos gratuitos compatibles con tabletas. Además de libros electrónicos, tan solo con hacerte socio y de manera gratuita podrás disfrutar de actividades, libros para imprimir, ect. Además esta genial web contiene juegos interactivos que hacen incluso más atractiva su visita.!!No dejes de pasar este recurso tan valioso para la enseñanza del inglés!!!

Visual dictionary-Merrian webster

Web Visual dictionary-Merrian webster

Web del famoso diccionario americano Merriam Webster que contiene un amplio directorio de imágenes con sus definiciones correspondientes. De carácter interactivo contiene imágenes de gran calidad con todas las partes de cada elemento y el sonido de cada una de las palabras citadas en el diccionario.

Comic Touch 2

App Comic Touch 2

Aplicación sencilla para crear tiras de cómic. Fácil e intuitiva app, ideal para dar riendas sueltas a las ideas de nuestros alumnos y alumnas y así practicar su inglés escrito. Viene con un paquete básico de filtros y efectos ampliables bajo pago.

Toca Town

App Toca Town

There are treasures everywhere in Toca Town. Turn on and off lights, toss garbage in the bins, or wrap up a present in the store to give to friends. Throw stones in the pond and tap the sun for day and night. Remember there are no rules in Toca Town so don’t be afraid to interact with anything, even the toilet!


App ComicBook!

Aplicación para crear tus propios comics. Contiene imágenes de Flickr, filtros para imágenes, efectos y templates para poder hacer tus propios montajes y dar riendas sueltas a tu creatividad. Dispone de packs de pago para añadir más efectos.

MysteryMath Town

App MysteryMath Town

Use your math skills to rescue the fireflies in Mystery Math Town. Your mission: Help a friendly and curious little ghost rescue the fireflies that are hidden in Mystery Math Town. Players use math skills to unlock rooms and passages on their enchanting journey. Along the way, you can also earn talking portraits of the townspeople for your Gallery. Every picture has a story to tell and the colorful cast of characters in this town have plenty to say.


App Nasa

Come explore with NASA and discover the latest images, videos, mission information, news, feature stories, tweets, NASA TV and featured content with the NASA App for iOS.

Book Creator Free

App Book Creator Free

La forma más sencilla de crear tus propios y hermosos iBooks, desde tu tableta o Ipad.Con esta app podrás crear tus libros y leerlo en iBooks, enviarlos a tus amigos o subirlos a la tienda iBooks o Google Play Books.Ideal para los libros infantiles ilustrados, libros de fotos, libros de arte, libros de cocina, manuales, libros de texto, y mucho más.


Web Kidseslgames

Web muy completa con multitud de juego para el alumnado de primaria como: Juegos para niños de la A a la Z, fichas de trabajo, recursos para juegos, juegos de gramática, juegos de Vocabulario, actividades y consejos para la enseñanza de Inglés como segunda lengua, juegos en powerpoint para el aula, ejercicios de vocabulario, ejercicios de gramática para niños, imprimibles, fonética para niños, juegos de mesa, juegos interactivos, laberinto de texto y rompecabezas, juegos en línea sobre vocabulario, Jeopardy Powerpoint, etc..

Study Ladder

Web Study Ladder

Web bastante completa con cientos de actividades interactivas, fichas para imprimir, lesson plans, etc…de gran calidad.Los recursos están divididos claramente por tópicos con actividades graduadas según el nivel escolar del alumnado.

Primary Resources

Web Primary Resources

Web con cantidad de recursos para el aula de inglés. Contiene un menú con gran cantidad de tópicos bien organizados y una vez dentro de cada uno de los tópicos hay una gran variedad de recursos, en diferentes formatos(ppt, doc, flash..)

Write About This-Free

App Write About This-Free

App diseñada para animar a la escritura a partir de una serie de imágenes y pistas. Con un sinfín de maneras de responder y la posibilidad de crear mensajes de fotos personalizados, será una excelente manera de poner en marcha cualquier actividad de escritura.La versión gratuita ofrece más de 50 archivos de textos y de voz nivelados y la posibilidad de probar la creación de grabar mensajes personalizados para ser publicados.

EF English First High Flyers Vocab Game for Learning English 2

App EF English First High Flyers Vocab Game for Learning English 2

La aplicación enseña vocabulario a través de la ortografía, la lectura y la escucha. Contiene ejercicios de opción múltiple, rellenar espacios en blanco , hechizo usando letras dadas , elección múltiple de imagen, etc… El progreso puede ser rastreado de acuerdo con una lista de palabras de vocabulario.

Good night safari

App Good night safari

Los niños están en el centro de la historia , ya que ayudan a la jirafa a comer su cena , suben el mono a la cama y ayudan con el beso de buenas noches al elefante. Con un vocabulario simple, la interactividad intuitiva hará participar a los niños pequeños siendo un acompañamiento perfecto para el contacto con sus primeros libros.

Story Starters-Taller de escritura

Flash Story Starters-Taller de escritura

Magnífica herramienta para desarrollar la creatividad a través de la escritura. Este Flash contiene recursos para empezar a escribir historias desde cualquier nivel de primaria. Puedes elegir diferentes temáticas y la máquina te va dando ayuda de manera aleatoria para que hagas el comienzo de tu historia. Luego puedes elegir le formato en el que quieras que aparezca escrita y hacer un dibujo si quieres. Luego te descargas o imprimes tu producción.

Poetry Idea Engine

Flash Poetry Idea Engine

Sácale jugo a la poesía con la actividad Flash “Poetry idea engine”. Creado con GoCyberCamp , esta actividad permitirá a sus alumnos y alumnas escribir haikus , verso libre , Limericks , y más.

Create your own Geronimo comic

Web Create your own Geronimo comic

Recurso educativo de gran valor. Podemos trabajar la escritura creativa en formato cómic de manera sencilla e intuitiva. Además de esta actividad podemos encontrar oros juegos y actividades relacionadas con el famoso detective Gerónimo Stilton.

Museum of London.Street museum

App Museum of London.Street museum

Streetmuseum nos ofrece una perspectiva única del viejo y el nuevo Londres, tanto si conoces la ciudad por primera vez como si la estás visitando de nuevo. Cientos de imágenes del extenso archivo del Museo de Londres muestran ambos, momentos cotidianos y grandes hitos históricos de Londres, desde el Gran Fuego en el año 1666 a los años 60.

bombay tv

Web bombay tv

This site allows to work through arts and a way to promote writing by subtitling short sketches from classic bollywood films. a very funny and interesting way to promote creativity in our students and then share their productions with their families, friends and classmates

Is a Camel a Mammal?

App Is a Camel a Mammal?

Come along with the Cat in the Hat in this interactive book app as he takes Sally and Dick on a Seussian safari to observe many different kinds of mammals! Explore pictures, learn new vocabulary, and personalize the story with your own narration. Kids will love learning about mammals from pygmy shrews to bandicoots with the familiar characters of the Cat in the Hat!

Towards quality-CLIL: successful planning and teaching strategies

Documento de texto Towards quality-CLIL: successful planning and teaching strategies

This article introduces a planning tool that enables CLIL teachers to develop their methodological competences and facilitates the design and production of quality CLIL learning materials.

Towards an integrated curriculum – CLIL National Statement and Guidelines

Documento de texto Towards an integrated curriculum – CLIL National Statement and Guidelines

This pdf is rather an authoritative source of support and guidance for teachers and schools who are interested in what is possible, whether they are starting down the road towards greater integration of content and language or haveconsiderable experience already.