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Learn English with Video and Games. Colección de videos cortos con subtítulos, quizzes y juegos interactivos. Ideal para practicar listening.

Games on ELT Rambles

Web Games on ELT Rambles

Post sobre juegos para cinco minutos en el blog ELT Rambles. Útil para speaking y vocabulario.

connect fours

Web connect fours

In a wall of 16 clues we have to make groups of 4 by clicking the words that might follow the same criteria. Teachers can create their owns in order to show how to predict hypothesis and to learn vocabulary through fun.

dustbin game

Web dustbin game

This site allows to create our own classification to play with our students. Kids will learn the vocabulary by playing as they categorize it in different groups and reflecting on the words themselves. there is an element of fun because they can set a competition among them or against yourself by scoring your best record. From animals to weather conditions and all subjects are welcome to enjoy this game.

soft schools

Web soft schools

Web de matemáticas que genera gran variedad de tests con problemas para que el alumnado los resuelva en el ordenador. También dispone de muchos juegos interactivos sobre álgebra, geometría y aritmética. Así mismo dispone de un generador de fichas para practicar con ejercicios de matemáticas.

friendly shapes

App friendly shapes

This app helps as to distinguish the basic geometric shapes in a very creative way since children are following a story through a fun and fully interactive adventure.


App patchimals

Children can learn shapes in a natural way and with loads of fun. Ideal for beginners, there is no stress and it is full of colors. the game is commented in both spanish and English so students can gets a one to one correspondence as a hook for the first stages of learning.

jobs memory game

Flash jobs memory game

This memory games about professions increases its difficulty as every panel is solved, from listening and visual recognition to reading recognition and mixtures. Very nice as to identify the vocabulary in a funny way.


Flash trolleydash

This game helps to introduces reading and listening at the same time and the practice of memory and visual recognition. Try to put in the trolley what in the previous shopping list is given, your students will have 60 seconds as to complete it all and then they can pass to another level.

jump the frog (reading)

Flash jump the frog (reading)

This flash game helps to understand reading besides the practice of mathematical calculations. As soon as the student clicks the result he/she allows the frog to jump on the different leaves as to find the hidden fly.

shapes show room

Flash shapes show room

This flash game help students to understand how shapes are around, it also promotes creativity since they can create their own proposals freely or guided.

Games for CLIL

Web Games for CLIL

This web is a pinterest board related to Games for CLIL. A great board where you can find more than 320 pins ready for you to use in your CLIL class.


Web Engames

Web muy completa que incluye videos, worksheets y juegos interactivos. Graduado por niveles y por destrezas.Especialmente útil la serie sobre verbos irregulares.

Ruleta configurable

Flash Ruleta configurable

Ruleta configurable y con actividades para trabajar la probabilidad. Este espacio desarrollado por el Instituto Canario de Estadística para ofrecer a la comunidad educativa recursos e información específica de contenido estadístico que puede contribuir en la mejora de la cultura estadística del alumnado, y recoger distintos aspectos acerca del tratamiento de la información.