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«Cyber Discovery” is a project connected with robotics on Mars settlement ,where robots and humans coexist in a virtual city. Students from Poland, Germany and Spain designed a virtual 3D city, where it is recycled, they investigate about  the planet Mars and the universe on organic agriculture, the most innovative technology and robots in their lives.

With the help of Lego Mindstorm Education, the students started to build a robot. Cooperating in groups, they made particular elements. Step by step we built a robot by sending instructions from Germany to Poland and vice versa. During the skype conference, we chose a navigator pilot of the team for our mission to the new planet. Our robot was sent to Mars in order to prepare the land. Gradually, we followed with sending robots and elements of installation of the city. Using smartphones, we steered from Earth robots and devices during the construction of the Martian City. Our students became one of the first residents of the new planet. We chose the constitution and the President. The functioning of our community began. Students are also making up new virtual City on Mars.

Students are designing virtual ecological houses, greenhouses, buildings, vehicles, businesses, etc. They are also  researching about the best Politics, Economy, Society,  Religion, etc  on Mars .That is why they research, interview tourists, their families, teachers…   about  their use of  robots and ICT in their houses, schools,   businesses, in their studies , jobs, ecological agriculture, etc for a better standard of living on Mars.


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Cyber Discovery Blog  Awards   It was awarded with European  Label  National Prize in Poland Ver vídeo:

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