Talleres Día de Canarias.


1º y 2º PRIMARIA.

El alumnado realizó trenzado con rolo de platanera y creación de pintadas canarias.

5º y 6º de Primaria.

El alumnado realizó un taller de alfarería impartido por la alfarera  Dª Milagros Marrero , que les explicó la preparación del barro y cómo elaborar una pieza, desde la colocación de churros hasta el bruñido con piedras raspones y lisas, procedimiento que siguió el alumnado para la creación de su propia pieza.

 4º de Primaria.

La alfarera  muestra al alumnado  cómo se modela con barro.

Happy mouth, happy digestion! 1º and 2º year.

The mouth is where digestion starts. This  month we have learnt the names of the different parts of our mouth and the importance of taking care of it. Specially our teeth which are very important in the process of digestion. We have learnt that there are foods which contain a lot of sugar and these foods are not good  for our teeth and our health. We have also learnt that it is very important to go to the dentist every year and to brush our teeth to help them stay healthy.


Our classroom garden. 1st and 2nd course.

We have brought different plants to school, and have made presentations for our classmates, and other students of the school. We found out the name of our plant, the different parts they had and explained how we take care of them. We were able to smell them and touch their leaves, even their spikes! We saw violets, cactus, albahaca, geraniums etc. We also got to see plants students had at home, like banana trees or tomato plants. We had a really good time!
I would like to thank all the families for their collaboration, Muchas gracias!

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