By Nuria Mª Morales (3º ESO)

On Wednesday, 21st February, groups 3ºESO A / B  went on a special trip to visit some interesting places in the municipality of Arucas.

      First, we enjoyed a guided tour around the Arehucas Rum Destillery (in English).  It is a really cool place to see. It was OK. Then, we visited the Quarry Stone Museum. It is a curious place where you can admire some art works made of the local blue stone. I must say it was cool too.  In my opinion, the Park of Flowers  was the most beautiful and interesting place where we could have breakfast while we tried to find out an amusing dwarf carved on a tree!  By the end we could go into the Gourie´s Museum which is located in the park area.

When the official visit was over, we had a lot of fun while playing a game around the pedestrianstreets in the town. We were given a list of clues written in English, so we had to find the location of some misterious places. We worked in small groups and we could take photographs for the final  project. My team failed one of the answers but it does not matter… we had a great time together!