El pasado mes de diciembre, tal y como se recoge en una entrada anterior, el alumnado de 3º ESO A y B visitaron la ciudad de Arucas. Se trató de una actividad complementaria organizada por el departamento de Inglés. Esta es la crónica de lo que allí sucedió. Escrita por ellos mismos. En inglés.


By Juan Rivero and Nerea González (3º ESO B)

Arucas is one of my favourite towns. It is located on the north of Gran Canaria with a population of about  40.000 people.

There are many reasons to visit this place. For example, if you like museums, you will learn a lot about the history of the town at the Stone Museum or at the Gourié House, which is one of the most beautiful museums of the municipality. It is part of the nice Gourié Garden, one of the symbols of Arucas. This is a peaceful park full of tropical flowers and trees where you can take  interesting pictures. If you want, you can celebrate your wedding there!

Also, we have Saint John´s Church, which is another relevant touristic attraction. It is the highest building in town and it is made in blue stone. Near this place there is a long street with many cool coffe shops, restaurants and gift shops. My favourite café is Dulcito with their delicious chocolate and biscuits.

Personally, I love riding my bike to the top of Arucas Mountain and taking pictures from there. It is good fun!

Every year, they have several good festivals such as Saint John´s Festival in June or the FiestoRon in August. My parents go every year and say it is fantastic so I would like to go one day with my friends.

To sum up, Arucas has got something for everyone. It is a town with a very special atmosphere. If I were you, I would visit soon.