By Alfonso Sáez and Alejandra Marrero (3º ESO A)

On the 25rd of November, the IES Doramas community celebrated the Day Against Gender Violence.

The event took place in the hall of the main building and it took about an hour. Teachers and students gathered to say NO to the domestic violence.

Students from different levels participated in this act. First, a group of classmates from 1º Bachillerato performed a short play based on Frida Khalo’s life. It was quite interesting. Then, 2nd Bachillerato read some essays about some global problematic issues in the world. Finally, two brave companions played the piano and a group of girls sang two beautiful songs.

In my opinion, this type of celebrations is very useful to educate students. It was a different event, full of emotion and content. There was a lot of work behind it. I hope it will contribute to make things different in the future.