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Durante el mes de abril, el alumnado de 4°A de la ESO, 1°A y 2°A de Bachillerato ha participado en actividades de prácticas de laboratorio de Biología con Mª Teresa y Giacomo.

Se utilizó el material de laboratorio, lavavajillas, sal, alcohol, cubitos de hielo y cebollas.

Todos los grupos han conseguido realizar con éxito la extracción de ADN de tejidos vegetales.

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 ‘Let’s explore UK!’ was a session designed for the 3rd Year of Compulsory Secondary Education. As CLIL Project students, they were dealing with the geography and culture of United Kingdom. They had the opportunIty to understand the difference between United Kingdom as whole country and Great Britain, and get involved with the many different landmarks in this country. They were given a brief description in a piece of paper of one of these landmarks and they had to guess it and after stick it in the right place in a big map, obtaining points. This session was also an opportunity to work in groups and they cooperate very well.
This session was carried out by Miguel Parra under the supervision of Carmen Coronado.

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‘Are you an international student?’ brought the opportunity to students of the 1st year of Bachillerato to get to know the international and exchanging students world. This session was divided into several sections: first, as a warming up activity, they would have to distinguish the different English speaking countries around the world, followed by a spoken interaction activity with some questions to answer orally in pairs, a video with the real experience of a Belgium student in the U. S and, to finish, an explanation of how to have access to the different scholarships in Spain, introducing, for example, the new app ‘Becas’, created recently by two spaniards. It was a very useful session and students were very motivated and thankful.

This activity was carried out by Miguel Parra, an English practicum student, under the supervision of Carmen Coronado


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