Activity evaluation/ evaluación de la actividad

We have translated the issues related to road safety
Resultados de la encuesta/ Test results

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  • Muy de acuerdo/ Strongly agree 5
  • Bastante de acuerdo/ Mostly agree 4
  • Algo de acuerdo/ Somewhat agree 3
  • Poco de acuerdo/ Slightly agree 2
  • Nada de acuerdo/ Do not agree at all 1

The survey of students to evaluate the project shows the following results:

  • More than half of participants say they have talked about this project with friends and family.
  • Most respondents say that we now understand better the purpose of seat belts and the risks of not using them. We understand the difference between driving on dry asphalt or wet asphalt and the reasons why one should slow down in curves.
  • We are aware of the dangers of not respecting speed limits and the consequences of driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs.
  • Finally, the majority of students state that this school project has made us reflect on the appropriate attitudes for driving.

Becoming the main figures of our learning and studying while resolving new problems has led us to internalise what we learned and to develop critical thinking.

«Running with a car is not as fun as it seems … My perspective has changed a lot. I’m a rally fan, I love it, and I thought that when I got my driving license I would drive fast. I’d take that energy out. I’d take my anger out. But now I realise that is of no use». Keila Mendoza 4º ESO C.

We want to show the reflections of our schoolmate Keila because they display perfectly how gamification in this learning experience has motivated us to reflect on some wrong ideas that we had.

Beyond a doubt, education fulfills its objective: to transform the world and to improve it.

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