Activities you could do in Cork .

Cork City Library

This city has a lot to offer. Your mornings and afternoon would be full of lessons and homework but if you want to do extra activities in the city and with Irish people here you have some links,
a) You can enroll the evening courses in this College . Courses start at the beginning of October.
b) You can be part of the drama school at University
c) Or join Awareness-Through-Movement Class at University too.
d) Or just become part of the community you live in but joining some of their course for adults.; ( check only leisure courses).
e) If you are into cooking, this is a good piece of information
f) At university you could find short courses in the evening Enrolment until the end of September.
g) If what you really like is sports, you can enroll this gym with a discount as student and pay monthly ( the month starts the day you start).
h) If you are a culture vulture, a visit to the different art galleries, cinemas and to university shouldn’t be missed. Important links:
– A guided visit to UCC ( University College Cork) .
– A guided visit to Glucksman art gallery. The visit for an educational group is free if organized.
– A visit to the Crawford Art Gallery to attend some of the talks by Cork Historical and Archaeological Society.
i) Participate in the Jazz festiva!. It is indeed an amazing experience. Cork becomes the centre of jazz for a few days with free incredible shows in different pubs . I advise you to book also at least one show at the Cork Opera House ( , The Triskel ( ) or The Everyman ( They are fist class shows. Book in advance.
j) If you like Shakespeare and would love to see a play for A level students, you shouldn’t miss the Cyclone plays ( They are performed every year and students can participate in the different plays.
Info on the different shows:
Some of the English teachers attended the King Lear session and we were given a resource pack we could use in our classes.
Find info here.King-Lear-Handout-v1
k) Don’t miss the Cork Cinema festival . Cork Film Festival is Ireland’s oldest film festival. The festival is loyally supported by Corkonians and attracts visitors from all over Ireland and abroad reflecting an unstinting curiosity, appetite and appreciation for the arts. The 62nd Cork Film Festival took place from November 10 – 19 celebrating the best in International and home-grown filmmaking. You can buy students tickets and there are extra discounts if you buy tickets for six performances.
l) Chemistry Magic show. Were invited on the 15th November at 19.30 to this wonderful event: led by Doctor Kennedy. Some of our teachers , science teachers and non science teachers attended the event and we all enjoyed it. The Magic show is a one hour fun-filled spectacular series of experiments during which Declan Kennedy and his team of technicians show how enjoyable chemistry can be and to highlight that the subject is not as difficult to study as is commonly thought of by many people.
The show is structured around a number of themes:
– Composition of the air we breathe – demonstrations involving liquid nitrogen, solid carbon dioxide, burning or some elements in oxygen.
– Properties of molecules – iodine snake, catalysis.
– The Periodic Table – properties of chemical elements form various parts of the periodic table.
– Colourful chemistry – flame tests, acid base indicators, boron flame experiment, fireworks.
– Chemistry of combustion – principle of the rocket fuel, combustion of dust particles.
– The objective of the Chemistry Magic Show is to present chemistry in an interesting and entertaining way to young people and to show them that chemistry is not as difficult to understand as is commonly perceived. The show is aimed at pupils in the age group of 10 – 15 years. The show is structured around a number of themes: composition of the air, properties of substances, the Periodic Table, colourful chemistry, chemistry of combustion and chemistry of explosions. Particular emphasis is placed on explaining the chemistry behind the experiments and relating chemistry to our everyday lives.

n) Join an orientering club. Lots of sporting activities. Here.

o) Learn how to make butter in the butter country. Here

p) Last but not least you should become a member of the City Library  

They organize many events and you can borrow books, CDs, films for free. Just bring a letter from Cork English College to confirm your address.


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