Cork English College.

Cork English College

Cork English College is the name of the Institution were classes were held. We had  a 7- week- General English course  and a  four- week CLIL course.
Here you can find some important information on Cork English College.
Reasons to choose Cork English College. Here

Accomodation. We were only given the option Host Family Accommodation Standard ( the great majority) and a few lucky ones  Host Family Accommodation Executive. Info : Here

Teachers: meet the staff. Here.


Information on our group on Facebook

Thank you and best of luck to our Astex teachers who finished in CEC after 11 weeks. #theCECexperience #Cork #teachers

Photo 1 Here 

Photo 2 Here 

They have a very good e learning course here

There are a lot of grammar, idioms, reading and listening activities you can do. It is available up to three months after the course is over.

In the afternoon they organized different activities but they only admitted  up to 12 people to most of them so sometimes it was  really hard to get a place there. You can see a monthy program of the activities here.

Afternoon Events. October.

Afternoon Events November.

Afternoon Events December

If you  like to have lunch near the school, don’t miss this pub 

They give a discount to Cork English College students.

Our favourite was always The Combo. Here.


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