Doing some research.

One of my favourite activities during the Clicl Course was the Research group.

We were divided into groups to do some research on a topic. We chose how to tackle mixed ability/mixed level classes and the group was formed by Laura Beatriz Benítez Rivero, Rosa Clara Guillén Mesa .Rosario Ángeles Pereyra Castro and Sebastián Viera García.
Here you can find some documents.
a) All the activities. Research. Mixed ability classes
b) Link to supporting literature. Sebastian Viera. CLIL COURSE mixed ability intro.
c) Link to the survey.
d) Link to Mixed Level Survey Answers.Room 7 Mixed Levels Survey Answers.
e) An example: mixed group reading: colours.Mixed group reading. Colours
f) Check list for event poster.Check list for event poster..

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