Macro-teaching. Irish Literature and films. The Book I saw.

IRISH LITERATURE. Macro-teaching.

Topic: the book I saw
The aim of this macro-teaching is to get students familiar with some films based on books   that deal with some important events that happened in the past in Ireland and that somehow are similiar to events which also happened in our country.
We are going to deal with three topics here. At  this point students have to rely on their previous knowledge. Group work.
TOPICS ARE: THE HISTORY OF IRELAND’S MAGDALENE LAUNDRIES, IRISH DANCING AND IRISH IMMIGRATION. They can work in groups and try to guess to which topic all the words in File 1 belong to . They can discuss it in groups.

File 1.The Book I saw. File 1. Topics about Ireland.

STEP 2. Information on these three topics is placed all over the classroom. Students walk around the class to make sure their choices were right.

File 2. The book I saw. File 2. Facts about Ireland.

STEP 3. Students watch the trailer of these three films.
Dancing at Lughnasa:

STEP 4. Students are asked to choose one of three films Two  members of the group are given the information of one of the films (film name+ word Data) . The others are given the question sheet. They are allowed time to work on the different sheet in groups ( data students and question students).
Check the different sheet of Data and Questions.

Film Philomena. Data.

Film Questions. Philomena.

Film Brooklyn. Data.

Film Questions. Brooklyn

Film Dancing at Lughnasa . Data.

Film Questions. Dancing at Lughnasa

STEP  5. Students ask and answer questions.
STEP 6. Students present their films.
STEP 7. They are asked as homework to record one of the scenes of, if they prefer so, to teach the others to dance with the help of videos.
See files.

Recording your scene. Philomena

The book I saw. Recording your scene

The Spanish teacher could  work on the same topics but using these films/books
Bodas de sangre. ( Film ‘La novia’. La danza.)

Palmeras en la Nieve ( Emigración).

La voz dormida (niños robados).

Documents in word here


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