I started to tuck my brother in his bed when I saw that the clock marked 9:10 at night. Then he said: “Adrian, look under the bed in case there are some monsters”. I did it to please him and under the bed I saw him. Another one trembling, looking at me fixedly, said: “Adrian, there’s someone else in my bed”. I looked up…that thing jumped on me and started to tear my throat. I opened my eyes and I saw myself entering again to shelter my brother, just after that I saw the clock marking 9:09 in the night.

                                                                                                            Adrián Blanco (4º C)



In the month of October when I was 13 years old, I was going to my aunt’s house. I was passing through a very dense jungle. It was getting dark and I was scared. People said that there was a very scary monster in the jungle. It was dark and suddenly I heard some strange noises. I stopped and started looking around. The noises also stopped for some time. I went on my way and again I heard those strange noises. I started to walk faster and faster. I looked back and I saw a very scary face hanging on the tree. I got scared and I started running towards my aunt’s house. When I reached, I told everything to my aunt and she said that it was just an illusion and the scary face that I had seen was the pumpkin that someone had hanged there because Halloween was nearby.

Farhat Ejar (2º F)



Once there were two friends. Their names were Caleb and Toby. They have been friends for a long time, and hardly ever fell out, until this girl called Spencer showed up.

They both really liked her and they would not agree on who could ask her out. So they both did and they let her choose. She chose Caleb. Toby got really mad, but he did not want to show it.

They were going out for a few weeks and Toby was getting sick of it. He invited Caleb round to his house for the night because his parents were away. They were having a lot of fun. Caleb fell asleep at around one o’clock. Toby went near him with a scarf in his hand and he suffocated him with it. Then he went round to Spencer’s house and did the same to her.

Since that day no one has seen Toby again.

                                                                                                Lorena García Barnes (1º E)

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