Short Horror Stories 2018

Short Horror Stories 2018

Como en cursos anteriores, el Departamento de Inglés organiza un concurso de relatos de terror coincidiendo con la festividad de Halloween. Los ganadores en esta edición han sido: Farhat Ejar (3º E), Carla Rodríguez Rodríguez (1º F) y Alejandro Feo Martín (2º A). Enhorabuena.



I woke up like any other mornings. This time I felt a terrible pain in my legs. In this moment, I noticed that my bed was impregnated in fresh blood.

I saw a handsaw on the floor next to my bed with human skin remains on its surface. I didn’t feel my legs. I saw myself in the mirror. I was frightened. I didn’t have legs.

I crawled into the kitchen. Behind me, I had left a trail of red blood. Then, I saw that my mother, my father and my daughters had diabolic faces. They looked like the characters of a creepy film. On the table, I could see large strips of raw bacon made of human meat. They were cannibals! They were eating my legs!

In that moment, I woke up. It was a terrible nightmare but I still didn’t feel my legs. Fortunately, they were only numb.

Autor: Alejandro Feo Martín (2º A)


Once, a beautiful young girl named Erika was left alone at home with her dog to protect her. The house was located deep into the forest, far away from the city. In her neighbourhood there was another house with spider webs surrounded by trees that was very dirty too.

That night, since Erika had nothing to do, she went to sleep early. She locked the front door, the backdoor and the windows, and she went to sleep in the room with her dog that laid next to her bed. At midnight, she woke up and heard someone screaming from the neighbour’s house. Erika went to check. She also took the dog with her. She went inside. It was very dark and she could hardly see anything.

For a moment she lost her dog and then she found it again. Something licked her hand and she thought it was her dog. While she was walking towards the room that was in front of her, she heard a dripping sound coming from the bathroom.

The scared girl felt the comforting lick from her dog. She turned around and walked towards the bathroom. The dripping sound was getting louder and louder as she went closer. She reached the bathroom and turned on the light. She was greeted by a horrific sight. Hanging from the shower nozzle was her dog with its throat slit open and its blood dripping into the tub. She turned around and written on the wall with her dog’s blood were the words …”HUMANS CAN LICK TOO”.

Autora: Farhat Ejar (3º E)


One evening my mum and dad went out, leaving me alone at home. I had a lot of homework to do, so I spent the whole evening sitting at the desk in my bedroom.

While I was doing my homework, I put on my headphones and listened to loud music. There was a big storm and I could see the rain from my window.

When my parents arrived home, my mum opened the front door and shouted: “Carla!!! Did you do this mess?”

I went downstairs immediately and I could see that there were so many footprints on the big carpet of the living room.

We followed the trail of the footprints from the back door through the kitchen, the living room and the stairs. They finished at the door of my bedroom. So, someone had come into my house and was standing at my door, watching me!!!


Autora: Carla Rodríguez Rodríguez (1º F)



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