Tofthøjskolen Council Board Meeting

Council board, they start eating, early dinner. They met at 7:00. They eat and after half an hour they star the meeting. They are involve in the election of the new council. They vote every four year and renew the all council members every four years. After talk half an hour talking they start in Danish. In this half an hour we talk with teacher and different parents. All of them were very polite and explain a lot of things and hear us about our Erasmu project.

They have been talking about the anual result and how this are if compare with the resultó of the all country. Every school introduce their results in the same net and compare different indicator as:

1. Absent (illness, extra holidays)

2. They answer How many students past to the next education level? They past an exam like a revalidation. This exam is prepare by the teacher of the same school, but the exam must approved by the administration. Here the principal teach a subject, in this case the principal is a musician and teach two hour per week. TTofthøjskolen has an 90,5%, and the average of the country is on 83%, they want to improve to the 95%.

3. Another indicator mesurare how the student think about teachers, facilities, staff,…?



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