Children start school at age 6 in Grade 0 (first grade of primary school) and finish school in ninth grade (4 of ESO) with 16 years.
In Denmark they are committed to an education that, according to my point of view, looks at nature. I mean, they teach necessary knowledge to develop in a basic way.
They teach subjects such as cooking, where children from 6 to 16 learn to cook and pick up, clean and as basic and important tasks as putting a washing machine. The school facilities are an example of where we can learn and adapt what we can to our system.

They also teach how to sew, where all the children learn to sew by hand and machine, to make patchwork, rag dolls. Apart from learning daily tasks, with sewing classes they learn math, design, technology, physics …

They also teach everything related to the work of wood. It is very important as construction material and for farms. We have to take into account that Denmark is a country with a long tradition of livestock and agriculture.

All these areas are incorporating them into a new one that encompasses all of them, EL DISEÑO, where students work in an integrated way all the knowledge.

RATIO, as we have already mentioned, decreases in the areas where you need to experiment and work manually.

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