Fifth Day at Tofthøjskolen, Storvorde. Visit to CFU, Center for Learning Materials.

This morning we visited CFU in Denmark, abbreviation translated as “Center for Learning Materials”, is a statewide, government-funded education system that is the central provider of supplemental learning materials for the national curriculum – including books, multimedia, and teaching aids.

CFU Denmark’s online system, called mitCFU (“My CFU”), delivers digital teaching materials to teachers and students, with the CFU staff acting as the system administrators. All hardcopy books, media, and other teaching materials are housed in brick and mortar campuses located throughout the country, and are physically delivered to schools as they are requested. The integration of digital into their statewide system with READynamic will allow for more flexibility and easier access to content throughout Denmark.

The first thing we did was to visit the main hall where you could see a wide range of books that teachers can borrow. There you have not only the old publications but the most newly. It has the same function as our CEP but with more resources and spaces. Not only teachers but student`s can attend there to sessions with their teachers. The students who are studying for being teachers at the college can go there too. We could see there, apart from all the resources, large rooms for working, resting, eating, open spaces with access to The Internet and entertainment. Once more these aspects are present in education in Denmark.

We saw groups of students in workshops that they stopped for eating at the set time. For the first activity they had to read a text, define the problem and give an idea to build a prototipe to solve the problem and, then introduce it to the other groups. Finally, they had to say which was the competence related to the task. They have 6 competences in their educative system. The second activity was with micro:bit technology.

They insist on the idea of learning by doing and moving. To success you have to provide ideas, repeat them and repeat again to effective learning.

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