First Day at Oxford Lake School

Good Evening from Oxford, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom!

During next two weeks I will tell you of my experience with Eramus+ formation in the heart of Oxford, home of one of the oldest university in the world, the oldest in the UK and acknowledged for being frequented by Shakespeare, JRR Tolkien, Lewis Carrol, CS Lewis or Oscar Wilde among others.


The journey starts in Tenerife south airport. After some hours of flight, thanks to a quite sunny day we spotted Land’s End, the southernmost part of Cornwall… «Welcome to the UK!», says the captain of the flight. In a couple of minutes, we have the green and endless English landscape under our feet, and soon we landed at Gatwick airport.


After a long way by bus, I met the hosts, Jenny and David, whose received me with a smile and a warm meal in their lovely house in the suburbs of Oxford. Next day, and regarding the nice weather, I decided to go walking to the Lake school Academy. The path took me through the forest that surrounds the city, and after crossing several rivers and grass plains, I reached the center of the city in around 30 minutes.

Once in the School, we had a brief welcome meeting and introduction. Then I met my colleagues, teachers from Poland and Germany. Our teacher, Mrs Holmes, definitely make the class really interesting, where we learned about creative methodologies to use in the classroom such as defreezers, motivational games and advanced English teaching using complex prhasal verbs.

Finally, they took us on a tour through Oxford, with their official guide, Rob, who showed us the main streets, corners and famous buildings from the Medieval old town such the Bodleian Library (acknowledged for being a common set in a lot of films as Harry Potter’s movies), the Blackwell’s bookshop (one of the biggest in the world, with kilometers of stands), or the classic facade of the Ashmolean Museum. Rob told us about some shocking events that happened between these walls, from executions, and fights ( like the one of 1355, where students and the local population fought during two days, leaving 90 people killed), to funny situations involving certain celebrities…

And that was all for today, see you in the next Blog!

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