Engelska skolan library

Good afternoon everyone!

As a part of the program, Sonia and I are doing in the Engelska skolan i Upplands Väsby, this morning we visited the library of the school. From some years now, the schools in Sweden, are developing their own libraries instead of depending on other institutions. And WOW this school is doing it very well.

The teacher who is in charge of this marvelous space is very keen on books and you can see it just when you come inside the library. When you talk to her you feel her enthusiasm about education and also about this big project that she started 3-4 years ago with only two shelves of books.

Her main goal is to have a library for everyone, where all the students from the school can find what they like and there is also a section of foreign languages books so newcomers passionate in reading are able to read in their own languages before they learn the official ones of the school.

The library has also a good philosophy we have to highlight, not only is a good project for the school community but also for the environment (so for all of us) because a lot of books that they buy are secondhand. Great job! Congratulations.



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