Second day at Lake School, Oxford, UK.

Good afternoon from Oxford, UK!

The second day at Oxford started wonderfully, with a nice English breakfast kindly made by my host, David. The day before I realized how the locals use to move across the green surroundings of Oxford… going to work or to school is better on two wheels, so, you know, «when in Rome, do as the Romans do».

Therefore I took one Bike from one of the several Bike rentals in the city, which allows me to discover new ways to go to the school while enjoying the countryside that surrounds the city.

Once in the Lake School, we spent the morning working with collocations and word partnerships, to improve our English speech, making it  much more natural, and so for our students. After a quick break, we went to visit Oxford Spires Academy, in the south of the town, where we learned much about the English educative system and the way they manage that institution.

That’s all, see you in the next blog!

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