A cool History lesson on our third day

Good evening!

In this third day of our experience in Sweden I already can say that I have got used to this fantastic country. I woke up early in the morning, as you know here in Stockholm at this time of the year dawn is about 4 am and sunset is at 9:12pm having the day a duration of seventeen hours more or less. I had some breakfast in the hotel and went to the school as usual. The walk to get to the school, like every morning, remained calm and beautiful.

This morning we have been in an interesting History lesson where the students took over the class at some points, showing a great grade of mature and autonomy. Not only did they answer the question of the teacher in a really good English but they also demonstrated how good they are at reasoning about the past.

The first part of the class, that was the ending of this lesson, was mainly based in colonialism, postcolonial period and neo-colonialism.

In the second part, the teacher introduced a new lesson ”Development of a modern Sweden”, she went directly with some questions about this topic, and the kids, taking advantage of the visiting they did yesterday to the History Museum in Stockholm, answered them with a good criteria and displaying a good knowledge about Modern Sweden, showing how profitable was yesterday’s outing.

Personally, I really enjoyed miss Kate’s lesson of today, it has been very dynamic, easy to follow and accurate to the curriculum.

Jobshadowing is a win-win program and I’m delighted of doing it.


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