Third day at Lake School, Oxford, UK

Good evening from Oxford, Oxfordshire!

Today we spent the morning developing personal languages skills, improving our English and reinforcing our language skills in current English language.

During the lunch time we went to visit the Motte and Bailey of Oxford, the last remind of the original wooden castle  bild in the early middle age to defend the town, long before they build the stone castle in 1076 A.D. We had a picnic on the top, enjoying the city views from that ancient place.

During the afternoon, we learned some games involving images and pictures as a way to encourage English through the use of that kind of resources. After that, we were invited to one guided tour in the most famous college of Oxford, Crhistchurch. This college became worldwide famous thanks to Harry Poter movies, particularly the great hall, which is actually used as the college dining room for both students and teachers.

And that’s was all for today, see you in the next blog!


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