Author: Michael Dye Fasolino

You may be wondering what Nollywood is and, no, it isn’t just hollywood with an “n”. Nollywood is the nickname that is attributed to the film industry from Nigeria. No one really knows where the term “nollywood” came from, but we do know that it refers to hollywood, the major american film hub and “Nigeria”. It’s believed that the earliest usage of that term is in a 2002 article of the New York Times written by Matt Steinglass, but we can’t be certain that he invented it. Over the years, Nollywood has been used to refer to not only the Nigerian film industry but others like that of Ghana. Some people really aren’t happy with the usage of this term because of the fact that it comes from a foreign term therefore being another form of Imperialism or also because it is a copy of “Bollywood” and not an original African name. Nollywood refers to any Nigerian movie including those in English, not only those in Nigerian languages (like Yoruba and Housa). Some of the best Nollywood movies of 2018 include: “New Money”, “Mummy Dearest: The Wedding”, “Sergeant Tutu” and more…

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