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Teachers’ Training Event at Bielefeld, Germany

The teachers involved in DECCA project met at Bielefeld, Germany to evaluate their proficiency in teaching  through VTS (Visual Thinking Strategies) and explore other methodologies to be used in the project: Gallery Walk and Freeze

The VTS activities were carried out in two different museums: Marta Herford and Kunsthalle Bielefeld Museum.  Apart from this, participants shared the intellectal product work and carried out other creative activities to implement later in class.

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 20160311_173956Students from The School of Languages of Telde visited the Antonio Padrón Museum on Friday 11th March.
During their visit, they were asked to carry out some activities related to Antonio Padrón’s work, the different rooms in the museum, the students’ own feelings in front of the artist’s work and the garden and its plants, among others.
We took pictures, practised VTS, interpreted the meaning of Padrón’s work and were delighted to discover the magic of this place!