Creativity and Communicative Competence at Antonio Padrón Museum


On the morning of May 14th, students of Intermedio 2-1(Saro Rosales’s students)  and Intermedio 1-1,2 (Charo González’s  students )visited Antonio Padrón’s museum in the northern city of Gáldar, Gran Canaria.

After doing some activities previously in class, such as a quiz,a reading, a listening   and some matching exercises,students checked what they had learnt at the spot.  One group worked at the artist’s room, firstly  answering a questionnaire, and later  working  with a particular painting that depicted their moods. The other two groups worked with Antonio Padron’s friends’ s paintings  at the indigenous room.  They had to walk around the room and guessed who the works of art belonged to .

Later on, all the students worked together at the central yard, Intermedio 2 students   painting  and drawing  what they had felt and the other two groups choosing three or more elements from the indigenous room and creating their own Canarian composition.

It was a wonderful morning full of excitement and creativity, we really  enjoyed it.

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