DECCA at CAAM “Lucy’s Iris Exhibition”

Lucy’s Iris is an exhibition of the work of 25 contemporary African women artists living in the continent of Africa, on its islands and amid the diaspora.

The exhibition title is a metaphor alluding to the systems that impose colonial thought, and the need to overcome these systems and reinstate a viewpoint that should never have been removed. This is the reason for the reference to Lucy, the female hominid considered for many years to be the grandmother of humanity.

On 10th and 11th May 2017, Students from “Developing English Communicative Course through Art” visited the CAAM with their teacher Norberto Ojeda and thoughout a two-hour workshop, they could experience what it is meant to be a woman in Africa though the eyes of these modern African artists. The workshop objective was to practice students’ linguistic competence usisng modern art installations. Something we do not usually see everyday.
The exhibition Lucy’s Iris was curated by Ortado Brito, CAAM Museum Director.


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